GrandC blak-blakan tentang pecahnya Ultima dan perjalanannya dalam bisnis majalah game di Indonesia!

Look up Panduit Mini-coms.Small Chance and I think you got it right.What a great video of a great game."Try DollarBrite.What kind of GM he is.I suspect that the circle of inversion does not exist.Anytime someone is killed during a robbery or theft I’m just disgusted.

Do we have to skip the yougurt only.I am gradually falling in love with his playstyle and you.I think the way you present information is more straightforward than others in this genre.Very difficult tutorial,I get a lot of errors.

Best part of coming home from

Best part of coming home from

You have two 8-tracks of the same Elton John album - impressive.These people have issues.Should have done a mechanical key on the brass plate before the epoxy it good glue but need some help.If you cheat at chess you suck if you suck and don't cheat your on your way to becoming a GM.I love playing on black’s side, and this helped me a lot.Nonton ulang2 gak ada bosennya.Very scary as and love your videos.That is what you call old world craftsmanship.Chk out B Section on this link,.Well, I'm at 1711 and he's drawing the number 2 incorrectly, counted 2 interior angles where there were four, and f up with number 7.

With a pastry blender, cut in butter, working until mixture resembles coarse meal.Do you dare to dream a dream?How could I solve this?There was a demon face behind you.Good ol' hammer adjusting, machinists and fabricators most useful tool.We only use the UY2 and UR2 scotch locks now.Exf6 %clk 00:50:15 Bf4 %clk 00:56:02 16.To qualify as Genius, need a 140 IQ.Two to the power of 11,213-1 is prime.That horizon line is such a slick touch.

Crusher, but we lied to

Crusher, but we lied to

Had no idea Ben Shapiro was also into Chess.Happiness is a sharp tool!Respect to whole cast of champion.Hey Danny, will iDeal be added as a payment method to chess.White's defense is almost overwhelmed, and he needs to untie his overworked queen.The form of consciousness is like an ATOM.Thanks to share it.At the beginning:Shopkeeper A (A) has 200Shopkeeper B (B) has 1000Customer (C) has "1000"After the exchange:A has 200B has "1000"C has 800200After money is found to be counterfeit B loses the "1000" but goes to A to get his money back.That is a cool mistake.If I were you, I would as a professional toolman only paint the box and clean and oil slightly the ratchet and that’s all.

Lost to a fatass Rook.

Lost to a fatass Rook.

What a cool idea.Can you show some more Evans gambit?Step1: n1 Step2: m n!20:09 volume up.Well, actually after the Black bishop move away for the Black rook to control the g-file, White does have a defensive resource to draw the game: Bb8!Thought it said new yankee workshop for a second there.Best part of the video: 25:37 - 26:14.At 1:12 of the video, who is standing behind you?

Maybe you would like

Maybe you would like

Not true,all so called "the great" are banksters invention.I am laughing so badly.Doesn't matter if Bernie wins or not,mr.You can't avoid it, you have to address it, identify it and kill it.That is some amazing work!Galing ng bata checkmate niya.8:40 looks like an urban city :).

Caruana is really great but Carlsen is just unconfortable opponent for him, he will struggle badly.Ooooooooooooooochaly kadhayum polisum LOLL.The Covid-19 actually shares most of its genome with a Coronavirus in bats.Leaving out the oak do to its open grain really necessary due to it being an end grain board?Haven't played chess in a while but I feel inspired by these explanations and games, really appreciate them.You are foremost among them.I remember the original boards you posted.

Brian Calhoun

1:30:20 Hikaru's calculations are insulting him

William T. Sherman

Uhh ruberbands


1:48:05 LOL



Caden Pullen

O come on I'm crazy about wands

Lincoln Pereira

Perfect explanation dude!


Nice! video and without a doubt nice lamp.

Arif Desi Susanto

Luar biasa


Haha it happens to us all at some point


15:53 why can't black rook take next move for checkmate?

chippisc Frekr

I am german and did not understand his "Zwischenzug"....

alfarrel maxvino fanezi vawazain

Kelas dewa? Suruh tuh anak itu lawan magnus carlsen !


A gutter? My nigga dats a relief da fuqs a gutta

shivam pathak

Arya Stark.

Sean Baker

Did anyone else recognize this as discworld's Thudd?

Andrew Edis

"DrDrunkenstien is human" maybe?

James Adams



It really is cool to see something like a nixie tube being made again. Hopefully they can figure a way to maybe get the price down at some point.

Fiolos Hubert

Replaced the dog have you?

Rainy Daze

I want to be as positive about life as the instructor is about their art!

Christos Tsirkas

Carlini is not playing very strongly, maybe at the level of 1900, but he always seems to win. (ok,now he almost won). I bet you have loads of videos where he loses and you never post them!

Danny Sammy

where is that music in the intro from??

Amerel LXZ

21:20 is the best part for me

Kurt Wolf

That shopping list


Soo... who pissed into your morning coffee jimmy? Maybe you should go home and rest a little, as trowing things just makes things worse..