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That's a great observation, that Irina demonstrates in two games.RICHES AND THOSE IN GOV POWERS ARE ALL ONE CARTEL ONE WAY OR ANOTHER THEY SAY "DO IT OR TRY HARD LIVING".I cant solve it.BUT, completlyBeautiful!

Joseph had a hallucination that was God telling him to kill everyone in the world and then he would become god.You are an artist!San na kaya si dion ngaun,sayang din sya ang galing pa man din nya.Oh shit I’m low on timecheck mates him in 2 seconds.Ok on the bees wax which is 4 parts and which is 1.This is the end game now.Thanks for great tutorials!When the hole got full, they'd move the hut to a new location prepared for it and the old location would be covered with dirt.

Favourite part boom!Man, you know you are a nerd when you hear the "this clock with new nixie tubes costs 1000 bucks" and I am like OH.The closest to being a Ninja for me is 1) Don't ever try to fight me with a knife or something like that, I will end up with it2) I am good with a Katana.All these people taking in the comments about how to make the show run better whilst I’m sat here thinking there’s a possibility that it’s reality TV,but for the internet with scripts and everything.Could a fighter jet use this path to overtake another fighter jet (flying in a straight line) if it used the force of gravity to help it?" That's the take from our annotator, Ukrainian GM Mikhail ".So the child in the trunk still smells after ten years?Do you think tibhar mxs would work better?

Those who aren't afraid to

Those who aren't afraid to

It seems counterintuitive to cut on them and basically destroy the beauty of them.I'm thinking the planer is a JET 24 or 25 inch capacity?14:24 you can see Ed Sheran there.Why his pieces looks like it vibrates after every move he makes.I was told I was going to get bit one day didn't really believe it.This guys to humble I love it he won't expect a round of applause lol also this man would make for a grate tv show i would watch it lol.At around 9 mins in the video, GJ, you made 2 consecutive black moves.Tummarro is my practical Who else with me.I read Akiba later became insane."Jamie: Give 800$ to his employees, pays for the Top Golf thing.

According to "Fide Chess Rating" NOTHING

According to "Fide Chess Rating" NOTHING

IT'S CALLED THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SMILEIF U LIKE IT DIG IT.Its "Log", with capital L.Please, please, please.My tournament rating was 1945 but I played against only 8 Rated players so my fide rating didn't open at that time.I just setup Fritz to audibly announce my opponents moves and I can keep my eyes on the board.Quastion for experts:Cant anand put cassle at g7?FERMIN ME COMPRO TODOS TUS VIDEOS, ERES UN GRAN ILUSTRADOR.You are cracking me up man!

Chess24 - He should have played h6 against your bishop.Egg nhi Daly Kia?Carlsen would have found the bishop move.I'm curious of your background.Really good vid.Over smart brat MC is.Congratulation absolutely excellent work!The engine says that the position shown on the 13:44 minutes is a draw.I'm sorry man but your taste in games make me want to die lol.What kind of wood do you use.

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Thank you for an amazing tutorial!

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awesome live coverage Jerri!

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Cht qua

maps ola

Michael: How much of the earth can you see at once?Me: Opens world map

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You have so genius ideas!!! Recently I follow, and your works are amazing!! Merry Christmas from Panam

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Basak somehow looks 10 years old and 40 at the same time.


this game was heartbreaking to watch

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I'd rate this so much if there was someone in a green suit in front of a greenscreen moving the pieces

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6:52:22 Made it this far so far! Though I watch in sittings. Love the Content Rosen!