GM Speed Chess! #185 Dutch Em Up!

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Hell of a nice game.

Hell of a nice game.

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So by that time

So by that time

Good job facing your errors.1:18 why not take e4 with knight?Now that cable TV has changed, it would be fun to learn more about them.He is a pure piece of shit and I hope hes suffering in hell.Queen isstronger than the rook.I've never seen a faster easier way to make monnies than this siteF u n O n l i n e W o r k.Probably the greatest of all time with Capablanca, Fischer and Kasparov.Jardinians tuning.

William McNabb

Your knowledge, skill level and attention to detail are sure fun to watch.


ollie705 I also thought of Ra7 but how shouldwhite continue afterwards? Any time one rook leaves the 7th rank the knight on f6 is hanging.

Jinho Chang

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David Henry

Wait if your going at the speed of light can you see?

at 1:41, you mention that he can play Qa6 (maintaining the threat of Qc8 to pick up blacks h8 Rook) - however after ...Rb6, can't black force white to move the queen and then pick off the b2 pawn with the rook as well?

Me Me

What would the World Champion Magnus Carlsen have done if at 5:20 Minutes Nh3 back? Then he loses a piece, no?


It's definately either an engine or a super-GM. The clincal and cautious nature of his wins and his flawless engames point towards an engine user tbh. He never made a blunder, even Nakamura blunders on ICC occasionally. Most super-GMs on the ICC play flamboyant, experimental chess and their human nature means that they often make occasional slip-ups due to slips in concentration and/or complacency. Humans are not robots, yet Blondie never even made one small mistake. Am I being paranoid?

Jan Makyta


Mary Lou

Si Hero Angeles ba yan? May hawig kay Genelyn Mercado at Erich at even Bea