GM Rauf Mamedov - GM Ian Nepomniachtchi chess blitz

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17:48 You are saying that the

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It looks like some kind of a

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Take pawn to g5 and then rook h7 making a beautiful checkmate

Kevin Reardon

Ah, the truth is out.You have a 3-D printer .I guess you'll need to get that striped hat, because if you designed that, you are an Engineer!I was writing this while watching the show.Now I see the issue.The next carriage is going to have to use some scissors to keep the tool perpendicular to the work.Its a known design you can make a video with.Maybe you can get This Old Tony to make it for you?

Slap Head

Woodworking ...and shameless sarcasm!AWESOME

Riya Lijesh

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Great play by The Legends and terrific commentary as well but, as has been pointed out, marred by God-awful direction and camera work.What good is all of the slick production if the viewer can't see the board?