GM Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu - IM Gorodetzky David, Blitz chess, French defense

HOW MUCHCHESS PLAYER LIKE VISHY ANAND SIREARNSPERANNUM?After some time this might be a contender for her immortal game.I took the probability as an expected outcome, IE if I start with 6 seeds on the first day, I should have 3 trees after day 1 because the probablility says so.Her, Daniel, Antonio and Phil were my faves to watch.Consult a cognitive psychologist if you weren't.

Carmilla was a good person that's why Lesley got savage.Could you play a cassete game with an 8 track adapter?Thanks for the upload.Amazing channel.So you tell us not to eyeball or measure.Nice mister amd sweet daugther.Amd then you have carlsen laughing at 3000s lol what a god even Eric is a god to me but damn carlsen is a legend.

Saw It Again

Saw It Again

It looks gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but, actually playing Chess on it would be a bit of a pain, wouldn't it?It simply doesn't make any sense.Thanks for the video and wish me luck.Amazing Marathon Blitz.Love the celebration with pepper shaker.

That's a wheelwrights mallet,

That's a wheelwrights mallet,

Robertson might work great with hand drivers, but they are just as bad for stripping heads as Phillips with any drill.Another product blog?Cheapest shoes I've ever seen and I don't mean price-wise.Used Swanson 25 years cause I can use my fingernail in the slots on the back as a stop plus its easy to see especially in the sun.Last fight kondu mathram 3g ayipoya padam.

"The rest of the world has

"The rest of the world has

Lun ng h anh yu yu.Unless this is actually not a turkey but Phoenix himself.My favourite youtube woodworker at the moment.S My best wishes to Cornbread as well!May you continue to be blessed.6, people in not houdini, and if black king is very discovered to white attaks, i'm sure that if you analize the variation that Mato explained you will find that it's the best for black, so taking the bishop with the black knight at move 4 is not the best variation for black.Maybe playing a few games against naka?To make a point that wifi is bad.What happen to holding for 20 to 30 years and all that nonsense?The second person plays the last square no 64 so first one has no place to move.

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Bob Marley

More violent then the NFL


Kind of makes me feel stupid shopping for expensive chisels and lathe bits.

Geoff Mtchell

USA a joke to the world. Get it together quick


Casually moves into a castle.

Neil Esnopy

2:26 hahha poor bee,,, i feel sad

Tom mcluckie

end grain should router 1st if it chips out on the side you get rid of the chip when you router with the grain done it Like that for 40yrs almost never chips out with thegrain besides that nice work

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Alex Von Bosse

Excellent sampling of jigs! Thanks for sharing!


Bishop to g4 seemed obvious to me, I'm not even chess player