GM Miodrag R Savić against future GM Neven Aleksić

How about tradie earmuffs when you fire those servers on :D.The leaves give it a druidic vibe.If I had half the tools you do, you bet your sweet bippy I'd make it.

AGad - bastard,Mator - GrownUp.Capablanca’s play seemed uninspired of course Botvinnik had something to do with that.I like woodworking.Thanks for the excellent information.5:00 BLITZSTREAM !Not a chess player, but here is my answer:Qxf6 exchange sacrificeBxf6 (or else black will either lose by Qg7 or the queen by.What rivers though?I have to dislike this since it’s trending.

Why's the cameraman a cameraman?She seems to know how to provide good chess commentary.Awesome dude, thank-you for your videos.Great commentary, thanks Kevin.I: give up material early on thinking I'm being aggressive.We will get this in my country soon!60 victims is a lot.See how easily he's beating above 2000 players and get motivated.Simply, awesome.- "I should have done more preparation in this phase because I am not sure how to sack my queen.

Too bad the shed wasn't.If everyone wears a mask it might not fully protect you, but it will protect others from you if you are infected but not symptomatic.Thank you Jerry for another great video.Great project for people starting out!Hi annayya naadhi Oka question accident avvuthunappudu manam Enduku aarusthamu.

Great game, Agadmator!

Great game, Agadmator!

Not interested in like able or who I want to have a beer with.I play since last year.Is there any way to contact you.I have concluded that your videos just demonstrate how good your level is.An actual Evans Gambit!And it looks good.Does the Racket Sport Tennis has Great Influence on it?The only thing that i hate in dyrroth her ss is so easy to counter and he so weak in cc.Your bench seems rather lacking in mass.

Cool video, I

Cool video, I

(not really) This guy is payed (from parents?Problem 4 can also be solved like this: if man 2 see that man 3 has white then he knows that he has a 33.His voice sounds just like Peter Gabriels.Have you made a video on how to make the casting table.ITS JUST FRIKIN KHET.It turned out that we are all related to harambe in some way or another.PyGame is way too bulky.Thanks, now I have to go take some Dramamine!

Annoying sounds but how can I get this

Annoying sounds but how can I get this

Well done Eric :).She is so awesome, wish she would teach me:).Your a great content creator.Here to block the rook's defense of the f1 square.Awesome Skills Awesome ShopAwesome Family.Oh, I mean dubious Kasparov.So smooth mouse, i have terrible mouse:(.

Michael Hraba

This is unbelievable. So exciting. MATHS!


other youtubers: Check out my amazing content in that awesome podcast, it was jut amazing!agadmator: if you have too much time and you are really interested you might watch it, but its maybe not even good.

Zucky Codes

Great explanation

Lee M

I like it, great video. Great how you showed all of it..


great video...(happy causei ve founded all moves :: bizarre :) ...

VB Bear

MAGA 2020


goood job fam keep up the good work ()

Steve M

from 5:10 to 5:30 I noticed the last row of blocks is not flipped correctly, making it not criss cross. Did you end up cutting and rejoining it?

Anna Cherevko

Oh please! It’s Kyiv not Kiev. And what they’re telling is the history of Ukraine! Russian territory was occupied by nomads and Golden Horde long time after Kyivan Rus had fallen apart.

Nikolina Trajkovi

Dear TED-Ed, could you please produce more videos about Slavs?


Epoxy, mixing cups, mixing sticks..... It's a boat thing.