GM Max Dlugy plays Banter Blitz games on - 2015-04-28

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Mind you i had an hour aday

Mind you i had an hour aday

Why not just block with Nf2?7:55 was a pun because that my friend was CLEAR-ly awesome.(Paraffin wax -find it in the baking aisle).Beautiful indeed and so easy!Wow dude, you should read a book about clean code: Clean Code (Robert Martin).Bad idea, great execution.As a future Linux user, it was nice to find a video giving the basics on the file system.

Kids are so funny.Why you didn’t ask Nas those questions?Where can i get his hoodie?Would've been hilarious if Carlsen called him on discord after the game.There's no pride in beating an IM using an engine.Love the hot glue to create A dam for the epoxy.But if anyone can any original releases on any format other than VHS, send them to old mate here, and he can show them on this channel.The Qa4, Qa3 ( then you played Qe3) maneuver in the way in which was done done is highly suspect.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

For example saying 5 we really think 5 related to (base) 1.That monster under the diamond.Classes are a great idea for the maker who wears glasses?Puzzle me buddle.Jerry, quick question.I've never seen so many trollls on fox comments.I ran just vcenter and two esxi 6.Simple understanding,and not boring.

Very nice knight, good luck with the rest of the set.Could this be done wit a welding inverter?Hope to see more in the future (maybe with some endgame studies thrown in the mix?Ifam not mistaken, the carrot-cake wasjust a cake where they used carrots to add sweetness.Thanks for the video.0:44 The gear cube is easy as hecc.Can you make this without engine ?

Lakdinu Peries

love the intro

Jaynard daniel Sabianan

How about if aim your self:

Levent Acemi

9:19 ROFL

Zodinpuia Chawngthu

You sound like Christoph Waltz, especially when you say ooohh

v. gopalakrishnan

It is sad black let this game slip away and couldn't win! Somehow Botvinnik managed to draw the game!

Brian Hinton

Great video, pleasure watching you work Mate, have a nice day !!!

ManHD Nguyn

E thik xem video phn tch ca a lm

Anthony Sanchez

Should have put an ad for raid shadow legends after the gaming parents one lol

devang gajera

I am looking for subscribers video but not able to find it.. please help..

John Augsburger


Abishna Anojan

It was such a useful video !!!

Jed Farley

I like B3 playing white. I attack the king side or push hard queen side. Half the players online don't see this opening and still play E6 etc.

duniorski sycio


Chicken Chauffeur

i'm 36 not 43!!

Forest link

Lahat ng tao nagiging masama pag nag tanim ng galit sa puso, kahit ako may mga pinagsisihan rin ako, tao lang tayu nadadala ng emosyon natin,Pero kaya naman natin magbago.

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Beau Grieve

At 12:13 levson should of put Knight to 5 G for cheak


I have wanted to start turning cues forever, but now I want to even more. I have a regular lathe, but not a cue lathe, what is the real difference, can I modify my belt lathe to be a cue lathe ? Any ideas ?


Start with ALL TENSES at a time.!!