GM Firouzja Alireza - IM Muradli Mahammad, Pirc defense, Blitz chess

0:23 Man, I wish you could make a video of just you playing that type of style 'cause it's so sounds so beautiful, awesome job!Late middle game zugzwang where have I seen that a few times.Started my second pair of your mid century modern chairs today!

Which car did you drive here 11:00?How Shooney flew out there to stand up for Phara is hilarious.You might seem like a deeply insightful man to little kids but to a grown man you just look like a dick - a dick with terrible dad humour.Moving White's rook to h1 would stop this no?He is no match yet for the top dogs.

Pretty sure that isn't sanctioned by the

Pretty sure that isn't sanctioned by the

What's inside your tools?Lol, it’s still a top chess engine!Idk the haircut mixed with the tan ned very quickly has become the hottttt one.Probably one fo the reasons why I never got very good at chess.You must be blameless before the Lord your God.I don't put anything and I mean anything past Democrat leaders.Just for curiosity, why not taking the e6 pawn with the knight at 18:15 ?Because most people don't read past the headline.

Well done again from Holland!

Well done again from Holland!

So did magnus lose a single game?You're basically the only comprehensive and up-to-date tutorial out there--AND FREE!You’ll effectively have a bit of an overlap where both sides are crossing st the same time but one side is starting while the other is stopping and they don’t conflict.I did not practice at home but i still loved the violin.His assumptions are probably based on Jerry's other videos.Vdeo sexual Shakira.Wouldn't it be Palestine, not israel?Suggestion"If you play the caro kann when you're young then what are you supposed to play when you are old?Great work, thank you for sharing your talent with us!

That office makes me feel I'm on track.

That office makes me feel I'm on track.

Pwan oppeint last square loki velthe em auvthundi?That was creepy.That face I mean.There are many YouTube videos about his life story.White should play 12.I was just browsing on YouTube and so.I think Rannanjarvi's move is suicidal.Seeing this made me feel likegreat!

Nicely done, sir!

Nicely done, sir!

D4, D3, D2, D-Stroy made me subscribe.Could you please explain White in Move 14 RfD1.Bang kenapa gak lindung sama pion aja.I wanna buy it now.I'm not finished with eating.

Thank you in advance!

Thank you in advance!

Your occasional laugh is pretty annoying.Neverplayeffsix.  A sander or a scraper of some kind?I am sorryThere are so many things wrong with this, i love your channel, i really do, but this is, this hurts So lets startWhat you are sharpening is a V-Edge, V-Edges are weaker then Convex or scandi, (convex being the result you reach with a normal sharpening stone) We wanna get away from the V-Edge, thats why professional sharpeners use wheels, they reach a similar result.ABS PLA CFD KFC SEX prints it all.That's friggin awesome.’, oh, right, I remember. 2019: flying cars.Poker professional : does anythingTry guys: FOLD.

Tobias Krauser

Do you have the Engine sound of Cars too who has KITT also at Knight rider when he start driving ? The same Motor engine sound was used in 6 million dollar man Episode lol -thanks a lot

Cricket Observer

Moral - Never play a chess game.


It’s funny because I would’ve loved this guys class as a kid cuz I have old parents and so I actually get all of his references

Berl Mendenhall

You the man!!!

Sports Man

The most pollution Country is China


It this the same Carlini who was involved with the competitive AoE2 scene for a while?

Saif Ahmed

Thank you !!

Louie Rivera

Can someone explain the use of the timer?