GM Fabiano Caruana | TEAM BULLET CHESS

Regardless, the person who gets it will have a treasure!They’re both so gorgeous.Pours liquor on keyboard Cheating bitch.What a nice guy.Keith said Yes and then John said Keith was lyingSo Keith really was lying, because Zach already found true love.At 20:36 with the hypothetical pawn break, John says fxe5 is better because then dxe5 exposes the undefended bishop.You can tune a radio, but you can't tuna fish.Great job, tanks for idea.

"Wants to highlight the grain" - cuts it down into tiny strips.It's a table top cigar lighter.Thank you for posting, ChessNetwork :).Muchas gracias por su vdeo, soy aficionado y comet estos errores bsicos, gracias por la informacin.You can put up to 32 knights on the board without attacking each other but all have to stay on the same colour.But it he slipped and countered, then proceeded to strike blows, but you could not reach an angle or create a better position now, because you had a moment to get to a better position when he was attacking you, but you utilized that move to attack instead of gain better position.They turned the lights off on jackboii ass.Just give the Knight up on d4 and play Kg7.

Always interesting to see these problems

Always interesting to see these problems

I really wanna make one of these if my cousin and I can get a woodshop goin'!Diamond, Gold, Platinum are costly metal in the world.The way it was told, was kinda suckish.Thanks-a-lot brother.Great work, beautiful music (who WAS that?

Moe:Thats scary manMe: what the musicMoe:

Moe:Thats scary manMe: what the musicMoe:

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This DrNykterstein guy is actually

This DrNykterstein guy is actually

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The best teacher.

The best teacher.

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julie Richardt

What pocket hole kit is that?

bah nah

The most boring game


I think I was referring to Black's following move at 15:13. Knight to e5 instead of queen to e7. But if I remember correctly, somebody pointed out a fatal flaw in that move.

Akshay Aradhya

I know all the digits of pi in base pi

Prakash Chavda

Hello Mosh, I am a Civil Engineer who is ready to retire. I have plenty of time and just wanted to learn coding in my spare time but can not find it interesting. Today I started your this JS for Beg course and it was so interesting that, I completed it same day. I follow each and every thing in the course from the down loads(VB Studio Node.JS) to execise. Your explanation is crystal clear. Thanks for this video.

mohammed Fathi

Chess champion talking about violence, I've seen chess moves that are more violent than the movie 300.


... best city for Indian food...on Devon.Must be talking about Chicago.

douglas b

44:53 Queen to A2 Checkmate. Seems like a good path.

Sebastian Fiele

These tables are nice.. but the terrible stock music in the background is pure torture

sandeep pati

Very brilliant game

Gabriel Tarditi

Great game


4:12 "These 4 Gentlemen Here."Every time I hear it it makes me laugh!


Hey Eric,thanks for making these videos and also telling us some sneaky traps like this. I would like it if you could make video on also less popular openings like the alekhine or just share your thoughts about it with us.

jj ski

great videos Mato, thanks for the lessons