GM Ding Liren (China) - GM Carlsen (Norway) 5 min + PGN

Round 13, the 26th.Its comfirmed skip is hater.You in arizona or saint george?Superb chess board design and flawless execution by you, nonetheless.Goblok cameramem nya.I think it's a very good trade.

What about Good Charlotte - The Anthem?Why is this on my recommended list?Nf6 is a royal fork !

It's wild to see

It's wild to see

Hope this helps your adventures in YouTube Land.On a drawer,do the front pull panel with the Knapp style joint,and the rest of the corners with dovetail style,for a little different look.Amazing games Jerry!The reason Carlsen played this move is to force Fabi to castle kingside because otherwise f7 and h7 would have gotten too weak.A very nice project and a really useful tool.Suki ng ma ala ala.1:31 is that a devil went down to Georgia reference?He had to wonder WHERE this came from.He will recapture and u will then capture his knight.Through these creative graphics you make these videos more interesting for us, you help the students a lot specially who are from non maths background by making our basics clear, you guys are helping us understand maths by making it so easy interesting.

Sehr gut von Morphy gespielt.

Sehr gut von Morphy gespielt.

Several times, like at 1:42:47, it sounds like Magnus is developing an American accent.That white tower turned out to be the HERO of the game !Always bet in gay.Why tal captured the rook with the knight and not with rook?U and Danny are sooooo crazyyou how u don't know how to explain that to danny on my gosh u and Danny are sooooo pretty crazy to go at the place.1st Vid I Evah saw!That game is so long.Is 18 -- Na2 a better move?28:00 Why not go fot the F5 you were aiming for earlier?Is there any space it can't get into?

Jangan lupa subcreb channel bang adit

Jangan lupa subcreb channel bang adit

15:05 the question caught him off-guard.VISTA 1 JERRY 0.After a few months at the club and reading Chess Life and a few books Mom started taking me to monthly Quads (tournaments) in a nearby city.I had a very fun time.Allowing us a glimpse into a world we'd otherwise probably never see.Could someone please help me?


Imagine Prusa did buy a touchboard instead of a 3d printer :).


love these longer videos Jerry!

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Meeky meek

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Comcast gambit LOL

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I subbed when you had like no subs

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If people are wondering why at 32:13, the white Knight doesnt take the pawn a7, he addresses itat 49:20.

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A hamster shelf! Fascinating what you have done there!

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Wanna see a spasky borris match

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Without checkmate we can’t move the king

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