GM Chess Analysis #46 My first Leningrad Dutch! Ravi vs Williams

Between your channel and Fins, I've gone from about 1400 to 1800 strength in fairly short order.4 queens on board just after 10 moves.I thought you will play Nh5, in the 2nd game and you didn't, disappointed.I like to play them using 8ths."Well, well didn't expect to hear that one.Put router on twist to engage the bearings, plunge and slide it down the work.

Given the tools you have, the vocabulary you use and the high attention to detail you have, I would guess that you are an engineer?Makes me want to learn more about woodworkers.I hope someone can learn from you to continue this craftsmanship continuously.

I wonder how thin strips of ebony would look?Would it be it's own set in S?Yes, you are making a pasterpiece!Nothing about this killer was funny!Very cool scene and gorgeous colors.So my math teacher gave this problem to us in 6th grade.So, Deep Blue and other computerized chess programs are products of human ingenuity?Can you imagine seeing that item through an xray machine?Sari Confessory.

Thanks for sharing!7:50 Why not Rf7 after Bxd5?Gee, that intense stare bore right through Caruana's soul.Wonderful lecture!He's fairly strong to be less than 1100 don't you think ?That part doesn't quite make sense and should have been more explained.Thumbs up if you watched all of this from beginning to end.But you still can invite me eventough you're 7 years to late.

Should have been Lorenzo.This is the cheating trend nowadays.Strange people !The following game was thought amazingly original in its day though it is said that Fischer got the idea of his planstarting with 13 kh1 and then Rg1 and g4etc from this game.I always value solid minor piece positions over materials, and I also like to preserve my bishop pair (as long as possible).7:53 is when the text pops up and it's confusing.This is India people.Starts video with b4 Okay I'm done.



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Unknown artist

omg look at Golan's face at 1:34 CUTE!

Jodi Sutrisno

2:12 did the rook said 'booyah' ?


the comedy is so spot on.

James Sailors

How about "Catching 2 fish with 1 hook." I've seen it done before actually. By a kid who was using a treble hook. He caught 1 fish and snagged another one reeling it in. Had 2 fish on it. The other one was hook on it's side. The dad of the child and I were laughing because it was hilarious to see. True story.

Siebren Bouwhuis

Could you do this with static objects?

Alfred Mesa

That was awesome,Shaun.

matt lam

this is AL level pure math

Benedict White

On Amazon in the US you appear to be able to buy No4 smoothing planes for less than this plane. In the UK I bought one for around $15 in a shop and did a review of it in my channel. I didn't go as fare as you did with the sole but had it up and working in less time than it took to watch this video, and if you take a look, it cuts very well all things considered. (Nothing like as well as my No 5 wooden jack plane with a Marples blade which laughs at bits of nail being stuck in some wood but works all the same).Thanks for the tips on handling the wooden plane in this video though, very helpful.

Etienne CHRLT

vary cool