GM Aronian (Armenia) - GM Ding Liren (China) FF + PGN123 Blitz

They look like twin Brothers.Phil ivy almost made me fall asleep LAME.So I guess we can call Jonathan's place the "slaboratory"?Basically you move a few pawns first turns two squares.E5 by black was a definate turning point.I’m not sad sad, just funny sad.I don't like filadry's closed-no-show-how-it-works approach either.

"There could be a mathematical explanation for how bad your pawn structure is.Natural born kills is great if you think of it like a comedy lmao.Especially if they are not white then we are considered racist.It's not an battle field idiot.Why didn't Magnus play Qa4 after David played Qxf6?To me, that means this game is considered beautiful for an illegitimate reason, and lessons from this game can't be generalized because there's no way any rational, experienced player would ever make that kind of move in over-the-board play with normal time controls or in correspondence.Basically small fish bit the big chunk out of big fish.Who else Heard don’t leave whispered into the mic of his camera right when his light went out at 10:54.

I really got worried this time!Alpha plays entire game on the knifes edge :).As long as I can get at least some fps in rocket League I will be fine.Why would you sac your queen?Enjoyed seeing the process on this one.He is Democrat aristocracy.I really like your drilling fixture as well.For example the shims expanding due to the heat.I mean not to crash in the same spot over and over.04:16 That begs for one question: is the handle removable like Paul Seller's mallet?

And im just a 2200 player.With a lil russian rulet for good mesure.Hoops nice to see you getting some publicity!Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.These are very helpful, thank you.

Where is the pipe weed?

Where is the pipe weed?

And sign and date it on the underside, in Sharpie, so it can be seen.Ned: ignores balutMe: aw.Time for a Naka vs Carlsen 100 Game bullet match 1'0!It's just a work of art,M.Substituting back, E(3) 3 5 8 E(4) 1 8 9. Ben's a vegetarian?Be very careful with the 2-hour rule.Ibu ibunya terlalu cerewet, bikin bapaknya gk konsen.Poor meneer getting paired against the Doc 4 times in 30min.

Just run a blade down the tape

Just run a blade down the tape

Thankfully I'm too lazy to even spend 5 minutes to try these "hacks".Is this your thing?Pamilya ni zack sumira sa pamilya nila.I'm 46 and I'm first hearing of it.Queen captures on c3 is a huge blunder.The Joo pronounce wasn't quite right, nevertheless the Augusto pronounce was good!

Jeronimo Tamayo


Kal El

to bad my wife is a clean freak. i can't even clip my own nails.


the king can capture the rook

Noah Davila

The divorce caused Joseph great stress leading him to be hospitalized for issues thought to be caused .... by stress -Rob Dyke

The Wild Rabbit

The audio being left side only is slightly disturbing but the level of savagery that Ben unleashes is sooooooo good that I don't even care

Ankita Bodas

1:51 Yoongi: "The interviewers were probably like who are these clowns?"lmaooo

karuna karan

Medras tiger!


You are doing amazing stuff inside yourself and you have no clue about it all the meanwhile, other terrible stuff happens with bacteria and viruses :! What a life !

Robert Baker

Alot of love went into that, I could never sell it at any price.

Claude Armstrong

All too often cheap tools are sold with claims to cut materials harder than they are!! Just a silly point . . . .

Shibe Pearl

The goddess' hand is all i ask.... Oh, and the sun and moon btw.FOH

dennis klug

I thought I figured this all out and still a girl beat me! Next year I took it up another level and made aConestoga wagon!I had more fun with it but it got the most comments and was the most unique one there. It was fun to just build something then trying to make the fastest.

David Bennett

Cool Vice.

Kishore Kumar

You are fantastic sir

ukasz bartkowicz

What if chess software will promote second queen ? Is it possible to promote second queen?

Powpow 24 crache

Bro... The music in the video... The Piano song...This remembers me the old moments when i played beyond good and evil 1 in ps2...Best game ever, i wish anybody can play it and it will be more popular... 1:52-2:56

Wallonice Mapper

6:28 Communism intensifies

Aaron Power

Ten years where did it go wow


What’s the aim of the game