GM Analysis #6: Simon Williams vs Magnus Carlsen, 2005.

What about the Belgrade Gambit.They mad because a BLACK man is showing other YOUNG Black men achieve GREATNESS on and OFF the court!That's not chess, that's basketball or some other dumb sport.Mikhil talk vs petrosian game.Me gustara saber si tienen ms.Thank you very much!Formulas lekunda cheptaadanta anni formulas tho cheppi 1234 antunnav.12 perfect combination.

Suggestion at 22:20 why not move king to H3 to allow g3 pawn a chance to queen.Melt it into blocks.Absolute legend.Brilliant idea man.Why do i have so many issues when screwing wood together with pocket holes?

What is the idea in this specific

What is the idea in this specific

Andy, you are great!Can someone help me please.Damn u did it again.Morphy's seem to be the most solid sacrifices.A true master of the art for sure!Hola jimmy una pregunta, tu hisiste el bolso donde guardas los tornillos ?Heaven on Earth.First we move the R to d3,then opponent king moves to c8,then Q moves to d7,then they need to move the king to b8,then we move the rook to b3,the king has the only move to a8,then we move the queen to b7 to checkmate.A song that's played in every sporting event still to this day.Is there a link for the upgraded CPU ?

Way too many ads.

Way too many ads.

Whom ever does your filming does a great job.Not helpful at all.Im 20 and I found this quite easy.Another way to do this is with ammonia.I've seen many woodworking videos, this one has by far the best music.I will support you.Why not keep that annoing shit music in a headset, not forcing people who wants to hear the comments to listen to that distracting crap aswell !

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I also made this Cake on my channel and i am watching this after making mine.

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Qu nhanh,qu nguy him

Vladimir M.

6:14 put on 2x speed P. S. Love your videos Antonio

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If two games in a row is a problem u can simply cut carsens game

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I haven't studied p and c yet. But regarding the 1st question...... 1728 WAYS??!?!!!?!

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Power Pro's are great as they are strong and have either the star or square slots.Philips basically can't compete with these.If I have a choice, I always use the square slots as the vertical walls seem to lock down much better and they don't at all slip!!!Soft brass wood screws are a thing of the past!

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15:30, what kind of scared loser doesn't accept the challenge and play g4? Lol. Black wants to play Ng4 so let him? That's a horrible square and blocks his own bishop. Why not? Then can play h3/f3 to have positional kingside and center spacial edge.. No?And then white goes Be7 but doesn't take on Bxh5 next? What was that? He was going to threaten to take it, but since black called his threat, the threat turned into just a bluff instead? Haha.


great with kids.

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When earthquake comes when this is in progress, my tear will drop for whoever making this.

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