Ghostbusters Remastered |Hope you brought your library card | Part 4

It's so dope there is an Internet Chess Club!Hate to be that guy, but thelogo you're using is an Occult symbol for Satan, and Saturn.Love you both 3.Maybe that server should be given away to Housemaster so 2b2t can actually handle all the players who want to play on it instead of having an 800 player long queue!Well done great Craftsmanship.

Is that really worked someone ?Just killing a bunch of people over time does not make him one.Excellent video.Would just set it on the ground of the living room and it would cover a good portion of the ceiling.

You sir are a human computer.Thank you for uploading :).The NOT a Moustache:Shave It.This is fucking hilarious.Blue is in love wplants.a 5 minutes intro an the first thing he writes is wrong: a, b are positive integers so they CANT be 0.Chess tricks: pitfalls and swindles by I.

Or do you think it’s a waste of time.I need it for my 3600!It seems too obvious.I do tactics 5 hours a week both chess.Good job Kaden ).I'm not really familiar with using planes as you'll find out by my question!Khng cho danh sch game th sao bit nn tt hay khng :(.Hey, can you tell me what kind of camera and lens are you using ?

Fantastic video editing as well.I just don’t get it.Myr aa intro scene pwoli aayirunn, graphics ozhike.For all those people who ask how the moleculeswalkingare motorized you need to see thisto understand.I wouldn't pay $300 for imperfection.I managed to turn this into a grid that works with the Isometric Z as Y tilemap that tracks elevation levels.JJD killed ths nigga hd hm runnin fr e exit.But are you ignoring the possibility the rook moving during the point where you are triangulating the queen?

Giovanni Mangiante

Grischuk is the last creative player in chess.

Dar Ali


Yonatan Shenhav

?i'd crush Magnus in a blits game without any problem. Well, without a problem but with an engine. does that count


You can put the rock on g2

tteverywhere 97

I can't wait for your commentary about the WCC.

Steven R

Thanks for sharing.. I try to watch all your videos...pick up great tips

Steve Stenger

That's not a sheep. It's a Ram.

Adam Y.

Life would be so much easier with 3 hands like you have at times.

Ally Winchester

gosu's laughs makes me laugh too

john smith2

R.I.P. Bobby, your were the best.