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One of your nicer projects sir!He seems to just play lazy and laid back with average looking calculations, nothing too fancy.Hey check out this awesome programming channel.Lol I mean think of it "It is not optimalfor walking but it is fair, horizontal, and mathematically consistent, comrade!Better than James Joyce.That was a very nice job Feddie.That dude really needs a tripod.

I’ve been doing diy projects for

I’ve been doing diy projects for

You don't learn the theory of an opening to get a playable position, you do so to get the optimal moves without having to waste your OTB time, the more theory you know the more time you'll save and your oponent will waste thinking, giving you an advantage later on the game.I’d rather have two pawns than those bishops hahaha.Great vid man I love playing pool!6:52:14 Comment."Double Shot Of My Baby's Love", Swinging Medallions "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place", Animals.Pawn can kill opponent pawn when it is left or right.I want to keep my piece dust free.

I'm curious how many others?Tx for the hard work and creativity.And tue hoodie man is back!What do they sell for.And the pictures of kids, especially him clutching that little girl in the end of the pics is heartbreaking.

Min 7:45,after bishop checks on D5 why

Min 7:45,after bishop checks on D5 why

Please upload anarkkali malayalam movie.Quite a useful website and has explained the details of the concept of many questions in various practical ways.One shot of vodka.Powerful stuff, big respect to Titan.Hey you need to start wearing masks breathing that is dangerous the fumes can kill you.Not a drum, trumpet or baby rattle in sight.A fixture that magically is on frame and holds something - with no visible relationship to anything but the top of the frame.

He is the founder of the universe, he is the one we should worship only.Nice if u have time to waste.Hes so smug,the kid thing is publicity.L Theme Intensifies.When Carlsens career is over, he’ll go down as the greatest of all time.The commentary is ridiculous.I can barely play chess.

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Please do what it takes to get your dog Medo back into your videos, as we miss seeing him. (Is the new couch not as comfortable as the old one?)


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Kalau jebakan ditolak gimana? Pion D4 maju, dan menolak pion C5 dari kita?

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Is it just a coincidence that the expected value (e[pi/4]) is also equal to e(area of the circle/area of the square)?Suppose E(A1,A2) = e(A1/A2)A1 is the area of a circle: pir2A2 is the area of a square: (2r)2 = 4r2A1/A2 = pir2/(4r2) = pi/4E(pir2,4r2) = e(pi/4)


Your student either plays d and d or magic the gathering

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how to get the sfml file i dont have graphics.hpp file directory dont exist error

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Sa mga nag sasabing talo ang bata dahil sa illegal moves nya...Makinig sa paliwanag at sana intindihin mabuti ang rules ng laro... At kung na click sana ang timer non paniguraro talo agad ang bata dahil disqualified yan...Kaya illegal moves ang tawag don dahil sa rules at narinig nyo nman may tatlong illegal moves pa siyang natitira..sana po maiintindihan nyo wala akong alam sa larong ito pero cguro tama paliwanag ko hehehehe

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Queen to f8

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I was never the type of person too bully ppl. Not even as a kid. .....never understood that.

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How does he manage to be awkwardly funny with everything he shows before the analysis is beyond me. xD

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Surely there is a chess pun involving the Czech Republic that he missed.

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