The combination is nerve racking to me.Vella, Vella,, duo Vella,.Little kids do like it, but parents will have a nice 15 minutes cleaning.Wonderful video - lovely rich pickings in this problem for the maths classroom.Na bite bisnes diber.Wolfs and cats are friends?Bruh my cards were 7 hearts, 3 spades then ace of spades, does this mean im special?

Molt do you have another acct in The Aftermath?Wow, this is the first one of these problems that I got right!I'll be interested to see what you recommend for Black for e5.Make sure you light sand it 240 grit in between coats.It was worth the wait.Yes I know what a pin is.Bhaiya amazing game of mikhail tal sir and brilliantly analyzed by you and fantastically played by the magician,well said that mind gonna spin after watching this,bhaiya.Why am I here Youtube?

Or you working cottage?

Or you working cottage?

Might recomend to your viewers the importants of having bottled wateron hand to make your soup.Despierto mis sueos, tranquis.Move your rooks away from open files.My favorite part of this video is when she cuts the thicc pancake.I’m sorry but the amateur is an idiot.

 A chess newbie is

 A chess newbie is

Getting all excited over here.You have very good tutorials!For the first can't you play c6 bishop check then queen takes e5 mate?Love the interlude music.Perhaps they could program the camera to switch when moves are made.

In a official blitz game for a example, the players may need immediate recognision of the pieces.Use 15 to 30 drops of Boric Acid liquid eyewash, orally, once a day to cure Coronavirus.I'm interested in purchasing a set.JJDD is the Tim Duncan of battle rap. such a simple but stellar idea   I made something like it once  for a wine rack  but didn't think about them for the clamps  so thank you for that!Blue team has zero foresightRed teamhas zero aggression.Someone to tell me what that lathe is called?

Apa cuma gw yg keinget anime nya?And regarding showing the e-mail, I believe you have every right to show it to whom you chose.I was like holdup- I watch nicroveda.Everyone in the comments: blah I understood blah me: what is even going on?The intro music gets me every time.And can’t afford it.Very inspiring content!It happend in the second you remove the planchet from the board O.

Harden the anvil and temper.I inverted the weight for finding its own body and it stopped chasing its own tail.Thanks for sharing.Jimmy beautiful job.What a great job you did.Is that Todd from breaking bad?

George Watson

Very nice manner of commentary.

Thrill of the Hunt

I went to Game Stop and they said they didn't have anything to give out, and it's a main store!


When the roulette spinning was stopped to show how it won't happen if I have the LG dual screen, that's a REAAALLY well-placed ad there.

Roles Dhianta

How i can order?West borneo, indonesia

AustinPlays Games

Training for the ballet, Potter?Smirks

JJ Besina

It's so very efficient men I learn the scale immediately so cool


14:05 WTF?

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all videos quiet......kingcrusher: about 40db higher aHAAHAHAHA AhahahaHA AAHA AHAha OMG

Alex's Show

That's snooker cue

Kevin Salazar

1:08 or just knight takes bishop?

Nancy Fahey

I can see myself hurling chunks of wood across the shop.

Random Tree on the internet.

I thought that the lazare was visible

Dr. Rumplin

Since when do Amish people do IT?

Enzo Muller

 Retreated like a french man TRIGGERED

Annie Lariviere

Was that a home depot or a crack house

sports kings

SHyam SHarma



Why arent you grandmaster?

Fritz Ozuna

What a wonderful job - done right. This was not a job for the casual woodworker, this George 3rd. piece, needed a pro-shop to do this work. And that is what we got to see in pro action here.Thinks for saving this piece of "well-worn" history. I hope that somewhere, a note is mounted telling of the rebuild, and by who and when/where the work was done. Thanks for doing what you do in regards to saving our past.

Gold crypt cat

im 14 and have never been in a workshop environment like this or made anything like this or have much interest in making things like this, i just like the noises it makes when it goes super fast


Amazing. Very nice.


magnus could have won the game early if he put the rooke to g8 and queen to G2 lol or am i wrong??


im only half way through the video but you also forgot to mention that once the king moves nobody can occupy the center space, not even the king and also that if you pin multiple pieced against a wall you capture all of them.

Fbio Machado

03. The Promise of the Setting Sun 05:56 = Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts II - 13

Alex Krivous


Ricardo Tovar

Magnus i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Arlene Palominos

me gusto, tengo 8 aos


I was screaming for them not to cut live moves just to show us they understand chess. Fking losers.