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Please do more !"Action speaks louder than words" nice cooking uncle looks delicious.Good idear going to try it.Not talking about openings or lines.Heres a quick tip : instead of wiping away the glue right away, let it sit about 15-20 minutes and then take it off with a box cutter.

Eg, it's not in CMaj just because it starts at C at 12 o clock?Opponent movesMagnus fixes camera for 30 secondsProudly opponent: My moves are making him deep thinking.But what happens there where light never reached.If he plays with same female opponent at his 17th age, i think he will loose the game.This Old TonyIt's me again.The old chessbrah intro was good.The clamp or the clamp?No wonder he play fast.Toprevent bending?

I liked the memes :) Magnus has top banter.I love your style of explaining things Jerry, thank you.Thanks, a new opening to learn.Hi can I ask what brand of router you are using I've been looking for decent one thanks.Advanced game of sudoku.Best watch in 2020.

Fox is becoming CNN.20o4o31151"vLsUe.Kattikeyan: watch me!Whoever disliked are Voldemort’s crew.It should be againstthe law to change yourname after such a Heinous crime.The example that was supposed to illustrate the merit of center control is actually just a demonstration of a fork, which may happen whether there's center control or not.Beautiful Art T AG.Greta movie, one of the best.3:52 best move for black Nc3.The pace was perfect!

Cara lukir gmn ya mas.Give this to Hausemaster.People should be careful with the double push stick.I assume that the sand blaster takes away less material than the paper, but since I never used one, I can only make guesses.Are the beginning thickness of all the pieces the same dimension.At least, that's how it works for me.DeRista, that chess board is awesome.That's just a guess though.

Why not do Rook to d3 at 6:59.0:42 in what game this song came in?Agadmator mentiones the hyperbolic time chamber.In Real numbers it's 0.Its not quite simple saying the right square.25 speed if you're from the northeast :).

Tox iedo

chess without hikaru for me seems like ches with only 1 s

bourne 3476

I get better print quality from a reprap I built in 2011

Locutus D'Borg

Magnus is far superior.


this song is powerful. this song reminds me of a lost bird that finally found its reminds me that there is hope

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I think something should be done with supercomputer lines


Beautiful Job Explaining the post-derdagian Universe , Michio!Thank You!

Adrienette lover

The morg

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Ippozathe cinima


That stale meet resource would be impossible to see. There is so much going on, and many types of ideas that the decision tress wouldve took all his time to review. Not to mention that he wouldve had to go through that entire type of sequence every move. That is do random to find on move 63.



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However at 3:09 Morphy really can't capture on f5 because after Nxf5 Rxf5 white has d4 attacking both the Bishop and the rook.

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I've played some chess in my time, but not in a while. So, I need help. Why is that Checkmate? Can't he moveout of check by moving back one space?

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Jujur Gua gak ketawa sedikitpun,tapi gua nikmati ceritanya...Thanks Radit

Jose L. B.S.


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Bhai nuvvuh cheppinchi nakuh okati gahni artham kahledhuh...


I don't know maths. And I don't speak English very well. Why am I watching this?


anybody know who that other grandmaster guy is who looks like matt damon


James I paid for a "glue ninja" certificate in Thomas Gitumbi" name over 6 weeks ago and haven't received it yet. Is there issue's I need to be aware of?

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life hack: you play your own background music


Dang! What a desk. This is incredible. I'm so glad I saw the Salomone video where he told us to check you out

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Its in godfather 2 where young vito corleone(de niro) goes back to italy to kill the don. Al pacino couldnt have done that as his family members died in america not italy.THE TRUTH HURTS!

venkatakiran bobby


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Your not a teacher you are a show off.

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Who else is agadmator fan here?