Game theory: Two key principles for winning negotiations | Kevin Zollman

Nf3 and plan to continue with moves like d4, Nc3, 0-0, Bxf4 if allowed, although it would depend on the set up Black chooses to adopt.I think they would compliment each other quite well since you won't need to keep feeding the fuel into the rocket stove.33:14 What about Kd4 and after Rc3?Would an "untempered" blade be better for a spokeshave?LeonComposer My analysis does seem a bit shallow when I rejected seemingly risky moves a bit too early in analysis - like the b5 opportunity.Now, how about the memory bit ?

Oh, Eric is that

Oh, Eric is that

Her iki tarafta come back yapti.No mostly the c6 knight go to a5.Our romanian poker genius still going hard.Can't wait to try this recipe.Tania Sachdev is a rare combination of beauty with brains.I would add a groove or slot the width of my straps to the hold downs for the plywood to make sure that the straps don't come away from the hold downs.It was my favourite thing in primary school.However the old boy is fitter than you are hahaha.

Earliest comment ever

Earliest comment ever

The game is like a composed problem.All losers from Microsoft I checkmated in 41 moves or real people not continuing into a real messy loss take the road travelled by most.Found it by finding the requirements a solution would need to have and trying to confine the possibilities to those.Did I miss the checkmate ?I am friend of Fokhrul.This was so much fun to watch!This dude killed 90 women?OMG I watched this on tuesaday, I'm doomed :Pwhat a crazy game.

You are very

You are very

The game uses Rooks and Bishops.Great analysis thank you for making this video and I hope to see more.7:04-7:51 just looks like my chemistry homework.Not sure if that's a better way to do things, but I feel it's better than increasing the render scale.I died of laughter.

Gold hardware parts will

Gold hardware parts will

Although admittedly, I have trashed an HP one in the past also.I congratulate you.Won't Get Fooled Again, Love Reign O'er Me, My Generation!Wright and Van Gerwen on suicide watch.3:07 weird flex but okay.Any other move makes a small advantage or no advantage at all.He must have bought all the left over dvd cdrom drives in china.Hey you did not tell about what we should do on 1.I LOVE hitting things.

I am sorry but that was bad.These epoxy tables and thing are so beautiful.Fking creepy ass sounds.It looks like it is dipped in plate glass!Does it have to be in 3 moves, not 2?The death eaters disliked.Voldemort may not have had a body of his own but at least he had a nose here haha.

Boy you love woodworking as I do.

Boy you love woodworking as I do.

I clearly can't play.I've been watching your videos for a couple of years now, but i still don't know what you are doing everytime you say "sorry about that" at the beginning of each (other) video.How is this 7 minutes?I haven’t watched this channel in a while, I gotta say it’s always been great but you’ve definitely upped the game on the presentation.There only one thing in the checkWinFunction I'm not sure about if it is correct: checkDiagonalTLtoBL - Shouldn't it be "-1" for i of the directionB?


Wow, Caro-Kann is awfully popular recently...

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superb analysis - better than most GMs that warble on without revealing the underlying theories fully as they go along - this presenter really shares knowledge freely - respect


Carlsen is so impressive!

Vishnu N

Awesome movie.....

Barr Builds

I was seriously laughing at the snarkiness. Keep doing you, Steven.

Nazim Asharaf

Cieling design super

barbara kvistad

You are a very patient man!

Team YDK

4:00 Where he talks about going to Europe opening for Wu Tang,I was at the Hammersmith Apollo show and saw him.

Luke Kenny

This was almost perfect, the only mistake is in the placement of d and e squares... the light squared king should be on the right not the left and vice versa. Other than that phenomenal work

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But it is even or odd in sulivan this game there never seen him play no


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I think if you added a base under cabinet you would have gotten that 3/4" lift you needed.

Locutus D'Borg

Yet another fascinating game and instructive video.Thank you.


A great job on the board...however, not so good on the chess game. White ALWAYS goes first, and you've got the board set up wrong. Each player must have a white square on his right on his side of the board. The queen always goes on her own color, so the queens are directly across from each other, as well as the kings.

In 19:22 I think I might have a winning idea for black. Let's say rook D2, followed by capture on A3, then pawn on H2 (comes with check), white moves the king and then black king captures on F6. Now black is up a pawn and if they manage to bring the king on H file then it could be winning for black

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Nice video.One small comment:On the oil, you said something like "always apply several very thin coats".That is exactly opposite the instructions for oils like Watco Danish, which wants you to flood the surface, let stand, and wipe off.And I cannot think of a single reason for applying thin want the wood to absorb as much as possible, don't you?

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Hii mamI am so impressive for your recipes but Kya aap jo saman use karti h unis proper vajanm bata sakti h pls

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Best video ever

John Irish

it looks like he doesn't even want to be there

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Esa nia juega bien, ser una futura campeona

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This is the coolest cutting board I've seen! Talk about a mind trick, awesome job!


There's nothing like the true indisputable and infectious energy of a Scientist. May I add? One who is on FIRE with passion for the endeavors in which one can find themselves, when they are sharing the knowledge with an engaged audience... Or captivated, LOL. I send you my gratitude, good sir. You're inspiring.

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Navara lool