Game Dev Tycoon but I ruin the gaming industry

Karpov is easily the equal of kasparov as a chess player.Professor Grime is looking much less zombie-ish than in the last one.If we need examples then else where is up for the search.It is too fragile material, even for decoration.14:45 he doesn't have an attack ?So nice up down.At move 33, why can’t black play Rxa2?

What if we kissed in the inversion?

What if we kissed in the inversion?

You talk to much.I have this PCA tour on dvd.Continue making more such great video.Excellent stuff.How many Times are you gonna say "Due to".This assumes that countries are solid blocks, which is not true, like the Russian exclave of Kalingrad, the Dutch-Belgian city of Baarle and other examples.He miss mate in 3 Nd5!Repitan minuto 0:00 xdddd.Phone signals ela pani chesthai.

"this is one of

"this is one of

Been here since 70k subs, so happy that your channel is growing so fast.What if he uses rook to take our knight.Instead it must be allowed to go like a rook but only one square.11:57 you can see how perfect the dominoes right before the and gate line up.Doesn't he win if the river is a heart?Not quite understanding that part.I always get crushed no matter where I play.What happened at the 4:28 mark?I hope we see more of her.In lincons head: theres no sign of waiver so i will keep calm it might be scary but im not gonna get hurt.

I am from commerce background can I still be a Javascript developer ?Maybe it will the way to take down Skynet if robots takes over the world.Suga, you've never been clowns, don't be so rude to yourself.Your delivery, explanation, and pace set the standard in on line chess rooms for teaching.Wow galing talaga no idol long Hindi lang komedyante pati drama kayang kaya.He should be on death row.It's not "theory"- it's just cheating,Memorization destroying chess.And our measurement systems contains errors due to manufacturing, temperature, etc.

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When the family is pigging at the dinner table you can use that mallet to restore order.Just one good wack on the table and everything will take a little leap into the air. You are the commander.

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Meraba a

Afzaal Ahmed

I can literally see Cthulhu, rising from the fog!


Eric is such a fanboy for Magnus :)

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i hope you wont re-upload this 1 year from now


No mention of 8. Nc4?? Nc3 9. Nxe7 Nxc2? Feels like very Agadmator line to bring up.

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UK resident. My dad had a car player and a recorder at home as part of his hi-fi system around 1969/70. It didn't last long, the tapes were expensive and there wasn't a wide choice available in record shops. The tape regularly snapped/got tangled. It was also awkward to find the start of the track you wanted to listen to. We were the only family we knew who bought into the 8 track format.

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Very cool proof, thanks guys.


quotes Yaay -Ben FinegoldBooo -Ben Finegold

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un hambre me agarro q tas loco

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22:31 Magnus just blunder the rook by playing Rd6 cause there's still Nxd6 and his knight is still there hanging at e6

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i think you are talking so fast , kindly slow down a little in next videos

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My name is zozo in Lebanese

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The most pollution Country is China

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by c ch vl

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that guy said 'blood, sweat and BREATHING' , I thaught he was gonna say "Blood, sweat and tears" by BTS!! AHHAHAHAHA


Incorrect. After 16. d4 rook is protected by bishop on c4.