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I thought it said cheeseburger killer.Equal material.There was no checkmate?If I could remember 2000 games analyzed and all that I would play fantastically.Upload full movie please.Didn't Larry's name get incorrectly labeled onto this gambit?That would be awesome.

Looks pretty easy,kinda thinking 1000$ Festool

Looks pretty easy,kinda thinking 1000$ Festool

An excellent lecture with well-chosen examples.This was actually a real disaster but they cant tell the real storys cause they would of gotten in trouble it actually happend in idahoe and Pennsylvania.The lipstick holder.In the spirit of Mikhail Tal.However I have a feeling that the purpose of your question is not clear to you.Hi Agadmator, I strongly recommend to find out new Prodigy Aydin Suleymanli with following gameGM Maghsoodloo (2674) 0-1 IM Aydin Suleymnli (2474)Aeroflot Open - Round 8Aydin Suleymanli is 14 years old and leading the tournament.I like you :) nice work.He didn't want to admit Trump is right.Black can win if he played Qb6 at 38:19.

So zero is

So zero is

Damn that's a Fat bowl.2:05 "Back to square zero" mathematician's humor.I don’t even play chess and I can watch this forever he’s so interesting.I never skip a single one!Min 7:33 hizo trampa.What can we add instead of butter cream ?

The manner with which Firouzja crushed Nakamura

The manner with which Firouzja crushed Nakamura

Your microjig announcements are better than the official ads made by microjig as far as they are less annoying than the person they have making their official videos that I see on amazon.So that match will be draw.The Grandmaster does it again.Kung sino man ang mga nag-dislike sa video na ito, ay mga walang utang na loob sa may LUMIKHA!That is sooooooo me - driving to the store 5 times a day, coming back to get an earful from the wife.Anyway beautiful build.This is a thriller video with ChessNetwork in the mix.Psychosis is a good term.Also elements of Gunman Clive 2.


Has anyone ever told you that you remind them of Dana Carvey's Church Lady character? Not trying to be a dick. I enjoy your channel, but it is just one of those things that once you see it you can't unsee it.


Great video, new to your channel and getting stuck in to the back catalogue! Why were the initials Z and K if it was for a Natalie and a jack?!

New Challenger

Wait. That's not how you're supposed to play the game.

Huy Huy

Thiu Red dead redemption, ci on kt nv chnh b bnh cht

Genius Drummer

Terre means earth in French so that’s why terra stayed on earth.

Earnest Williams

This seems so very antisocial. That device could easily have been torn down in a manner that would allow it to be rebuilt. I gotta say, this probably should be demonetized.


im really wondering if its worth wasting so much time on positioning moves. somehow jerrys games allways turn into blitz chess at some point. isnt it just better to save 10 sec here and there? he spends 1-3 mins on minor moves and 1-3 sec in critical positions in the late game...

Mommy Dawn Studios

Hi! Good to see you!

Darth Araneus

Anybody knows what the music is?

Badger Workshop

Looks great. Your secret about the base is safe with me.


I bought a track saw by scheppachfor under $200. I have now a sawstop jobsite but still use the track saw. I am currently making an MFT table for the track saw.

Maxence Dupont

Rien compris

Tegan Burns

No its not... at all... not in the least.


compedative guess who games... ok you lost me

Katrina Dela Cruz

Nice video as always Shinmen!

Smokey Demon

cool house


30:59 wow, I wonder if anyone has those games where Magnus spot this guy a rook


i swear to god you say the same things every video

Colten DeYoung

Man, it would be awesome if you could do a similar series with C and OpenGL. :)

The Gaming Girl

iPads have multitask that enables split screen.


Camp praise lol

Mohmmed lssam Fttal

Jurassic WoodMark

I am in awe of your patience and craftsmanship sir !

gopal garg



Remember the first videotheque in our town had all the movies in these 3 formats. With a black and white photocopy of the original inlay and the tape was a 6th generation copy... I guess that about 75 % of the movies were illegal copies.