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D6 yerine at oynanrsa ne olacak.Start the sequence from -1 and answer is -12.I can absolutely say that knowing this game has gotten me at least 3 wins.

My code:const cvs document.Mofos Got These Lo-Key PC etc Views But Remy Yo.This is an insane amount of work for one instrument.I'm pretty sure you'd gain a minimum of 200 FIDE if you stopped listening to trash minimalist music.I did this myself and have an extremely solid workbench that cost me about $60.Das hast du die tolle Kapex und machst den Rahem stumpf und nicht auf Gehrung.

Happy New Year Mato!My 2010 Alienware still does everything your new machine can.Thanks for the close up of the pour.At the end, the chess master shook the last guys hand without looking.Why is this guy talking like a robot?

Before this move black is

Before this move black is

I think Tom like being on YouTube first demonic spirit YouTube famous.I can go on for hours, but i guess we are stuck with unixlinux since some peeps want to be different and cant just use windows and keep saying this is better.Shows INTEGRITY.S faltou jogar no Brasil kkkkk."The hyper-modern Lefong".Thanks, another good idea.

Rediculous 99 percent of them dudes cant sing.Naiyaktlga ako naalala ko 2 kung kuya.Honestly this video helped me understand my Gen Chem homework better than any TA ever could.0:29 what about pawn d4 threatening the knigth on c3?We very eagerly bought them.Anyway, his show is annoying.If I were to ask someone the sum of a set of numbers, but they cut me off by saying the answer before I was able to complete my list of the numbers, they would be doing calculations based on incomplete information.MatoJelic you are the best.Chases the Queen away.


omg I love the mechanical hands so muchgives me major Factorio vibes

Liam Vance

awesome visuals

Aldo Gigliarano

I am Opponent and Computer mate!

rajendra Cakra prawira


Saima Sarwar

We have it here in Pakistan and I LOVE IT!It's in so many flavours that I'm impressed that we have this much variety of flavours.

Caio Rolando

In the time trouble at 23:50, you could have forced a draw with 88. ...Rh4.


watch with 1.5 speed

Roseanne Roseannadanna

I normally don't like the long vids but this was fun.

Dimitris Kontoleon

So you need the king on corner or last line. Block with rocks the 2 lines and with bishop (or Queen) the last room. Later cheak with bishop forces to block by pawn. Very tricky. Cool strategy

Samuel Aves

0:20Where else would shoes go

Cherifa Bou

Priyanka Tanna



I didn't know Kurt was a chess master-

Adalberto Gomes Macedo Filho

9:20 wonderful skill with the brush

Abu Altamash

I feel like like comparing her with Jen but I don't think she makes her listener as comfortable as Jen when game is concerned, nevertheless she's a cutie and her as tutor will not let the interest of the watcher go elsewhere. She has an FIDE rating of over 2400 and you can be sure you'll see some really cunning thoughts from her.

joker Rh

Kisi bhi Bande Ko add balpur ke bare mein Khushi Kisi Ko Janna Chahta Hai to comment Mein Jarur Bataye