FRESH online RECORD!!! Chess prodigy Tihon(9 y.o.) did 46 in Puzzle Rush on 09/03/2019

Why didn't the bishop capture the queen on 1:47?1:40 Magnus: Is this a rook?So they are close together.E and pi are not transcendentale0 1pi0 1.Pls make a video on Mikhail tal.In the last 24 hours you have passed 100 Million views on youtube!

But i can watch if it is bobby fischer.F5 Bxf5 does seem to maintain equality, though, or even a slight edge for black, though, so none of this analysis is busted.I bet the other guy was thrown way off his game.Great idea and great job.Still not enough likes.

Yang masih kecil

Yang masih kecil

Oh Hell Yeah China ?005 radial cut first, then adjusted and cut the rest so that the cuts would be equal.I mean, the guy is nuts.This video should be renamed : top 7 ways of losing a chess match fast.I’ve seen the list of moves in print.It's been two years, have you thought about getting back to a hydraulic shaft version?My goal is to reach 200 subscribers!

Really great interview with

Really great interview with

A lot of these were close to where my family lived in PA.It's just after I thought about it a little more they seen to not be a very consumer friendly product.I see people mentioning how they're seeing the color green even though you're writing in blue.Please do not judge us harshly.When you don't know if the song made the film famous or vice versa you're in front of a masterpiece (stolen).

Paul Jean Merino

Nakakaiyak parati shang binubulie

Regan Swain

Before ripping the timing belt off, take a moment and examine the belt routing.It is called a core xy.Do a google search it's really quite were getting somewhere...isn't this much more educational and fun?)

Chris Cunicelli

Nice buddy

Bella Wolf Master5924

Good night go to the dog the nutcracker is staring from above then goes back to the chair


No offense but it looks SO GOOD up until you added in the lily pads and flower. The lower plants and the fish are MESMERIZING and then it feels like when you got to the flower part you stopped trying.

Aldo Orozco

Hi ! I have a question. How do I add a background image to my level scene?

The Soloqwill

yesss now they really can’t stop arson

Will HK

Damn, iron technique from Ding in the endgame. Seriously impressive. Thanks for the video!


I can't believe you can just... plunge 3" into titanium like that like it's nothing. Even with carbide. Damn. Also it was never shown, but surely some of the tooling wore out during this? That's a LOT of machining time, surely a mill had to get changed out at some point lol

Narender Reddy Kedari

Why can’t NASA use Carbon fibre for rover to decrease the weight of rover.

Ingram Inxent

Knight c6 - e7 x when everything starts to fall.

rajendiran r

Good nice teaching



Pareeshay Irfan

Very hard

Madi Burnett

Love you Moe

Dontay Lucero

Is trash talking allowed?

Seth Hanson

The only thing I don't like is that the bishops look like lobster claws.


Explained with most clarity.

roei cohen

So basically 0:0 equals to every none imaginary number

Xien Dema-ala

Super ganda tlga ni ms..dennis

madaline foster

love this !!great skill , you the man with the plan :)

Eric Klassen

How about some drunken coasters for your bar? Your guests will stop drinking sooner... $$ ?


Very nice video and a beautiful board. Do you chamfer the board with tablesaw for a reason? I like to do the chamfer with a 45 degree router bit.

Anthony Jordan

Brave kid...

John Munoz

I notice you have a clamp on your cross fence. Can you please share a link where to buy? Also did you make your cross fence or did you buy it? If you made it please send me the link of that too. Thanks!