fred and george being legend duos for eight movies straight

:-P42 times, the paper is 0.Words cannot describe the interest, knowledge shared and the end result of such a great bobsled.There are some insanely beautiful views here and I really wanna know where it was filmed!First, let me say I am 63 yo and never really tried word working.Simply superb and absolutely brilliant!

I have at times deliberately allowed a knight to take the bishop on g6 and replied with hxg6, opening the king's rook file for an attack: with the queen on c7 this converges on the h2 pawn.Thank you for not talking about politics.He's them disabled people.US literally won by sheer ugly brute force.Magnus makes 5 silly moves in row and he still beat you down with a finger in his nose :D.Anand and carlsen opened a historical cricket match, played by pink ball, you should cover that.

Just my opinion.

Just my opinion.

If you count the divisions of your fingers with your thumb like the sumerians, you will be able to count 12 with one hand, if the simpsons do the same, they can count 9, so there you have 9 digits plus the 0base 10 system.Excellent video.Absolutely beautiful game.The cool thing about having all this documented is that your customers can check your work an even pick one of these as an example of what they want to be done, even with modifications.Capablanca from Benjamin Finegold.Wow, she did better nailing than me.

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I did ceil(arccot(0)) ceil(arccot(0)) ceil(arccot(0)).

Got paid $8000 again through payingmecash,wordpress,com.Yo that guy is super nice.But, there is ONE thing.Verrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy Gooooooooooooooooooooooood.How can they design this?But in my opinion on a societa scale.Imagine a chess board like this.It is so overpowering that RJ has a variety of moves to the mate : from fast to slow, from pedantic to spectacular, majestic to magical.Would be a good challenge.

Due to the way you

Due to the way you

Technology and automation is changing the way we see work -Andrew Yang.Wow, I love how you did the burn with the electrical leads.Did he mispronounce place as police or is my hearing lacking!I wonder how bald he is now.You are a grandmaster.:D This is exactly why I love blitz chess: there are always surprises.Kidding with this right?

Yet because he

Yet because he

I like u amazing.A mi no me salen tan bien.Why not eat the queen karlsen?Split up in many, many different distro's.Nu vua en ln e6 th sao h anh by 1.Clips came with a full clip if 3 rounds why he dont do this url.You put in the back boards like me when i now started lol,it's cool but it would be much neater if you made rabbits and then seat it in otherwise i actually still love this though it has such a wonderful contrast i hardly believe that was plywood used until i saw the entire video.

Could use some fast motion and cut toos

Could use some fast motion and cut toos

Btw ten hours this is sweet!It's flat and not spinning.Please upload mayabazar full movie."Hello and thank you for welcoming me into your home.Today you can say it, but your far far from it.The 2 kids that watch oversimplified: THERE’S A TAX FOR THAT.We found that using brake fluid helps as we yep DOT3it takes rust right off and conditions the metal for cleaning, and hot tank it, wooo!I think being able to use the wrong tool to get the job done right is a sign of a good maker.Can someone please explain to me what "Star Wars" is?

Walid Ibaroudine


Karl Norman

A true chuck on your drill press might improve your cut too.

Doc Twiggenberry

Diresta, I am ashamed you would let your poor dog live in that shanty.You should build a house with heater, water and carpet for your best, or maybe not, friend.... just saying.


Hey there. I too thought white stories was mineral Turps..... But last weekend I saw both on the shelf at bunnings.... Same brand so I don't know what to think anymore.

Harikesh Singh

at 5 46 why he did not go for pawn check and then take rook.. better situation???

John rex Gonzales

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww   ang  lungkot Ng kwento Na ito.

Colin Nicol

Great build you made it look easy. Pity about the jokes, you need to work on that. Did youthink of using the thin strips to create individual compartments for your pieces.

pankaj soni

Plz make one for me I will buy it

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D Black

i dont wanna hear no complaints about the stream my shit worked all night lets go champion give my nigga JC his cred yall all had him losing

Carla SeMo


Anabelle Polley

Awwww John got in on the hug!

just for fun


Ryan Shook

Who else saw a person up on the stand at 10:12


So patient working with her. Great job!

Steve Thorn

Magnificent game!I suspect in the history of championship chess there has never been a game where Q and QB never leave their squares, yet Black wins with the power of a new Q infiltrating the white position like this.Thank you KC for the fascinating analysis.


im happy im not the only one who just saya hf for the same reason

D Money

They need to make itwhere u can talk to your opponent

hayden schaefer

How does one join the army?

C.S.H Church Street Hooligan

So in a sense. 4D is time. The amount of time to expand. From inside it self when calculating in a 3D manner. So then 5D is beyond time. Beyond simple expansion. Expansion within the expansions. Whoa

Matthew Wriedt

Lou is being a badgering prick. Azar is answering Lou's questions and Lou keeps hounding him. Quit being a prick Lou

NeonNoodle e4e6

I'm confused.. why did ultimatebeast represent Botez for the tie break??

gail tunnicliffe

right at the end you can see a face looking out of a window

Xavier Quincy

I'm guessing your ...Ne5 suggestion comes at 18:12, after 1. Qxg7 Qxg7 2. f6 Qf8 3. f7, which is the real test of the queen sac.After 3...Ne5 4. fxe5 wins, e.g. 4...h5 5. e6 Kh7 6. Bd3 Kh6 7. Rf6 Kg5 8. Rg6 Kf4 9. Kf2 h4 (else 10. g3) 10. Rg4.Quite a nice king hunt!