Four Knights Game - Chess Openings Explained

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Nice design and proportions.

Nice design and proportions.

That kid is amazing I have a chess tournament soon I hope I dont get trashed.I'm really struggling with this.very enjoyable and informative video.I get where they can all move now." Then I look and it's already top comment, I thought it was just me near the end I got up and started cheering, these guys are so full of energy, you guys are awesome, you make watching the game exciting and interesting!This match very much reminded me of Young Magnus vs.Russians and blunder video highlight.Thanks for the video, Jerry!

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Everything turned out looking nice

Everything turned out looking nice

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Black does not have to move pawns

Black does not have to move pawns

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I somehow feel like the identity-sandpiles have a connection to the pascal triangle (with some modulo).I know a feincadowed bisshop is more important, but black will get triple pawns.I wud like his autograph.Make Your own reaserch.Was it a losing position by time and by position?It's impressive, but it's Blitz.3:48, youre welcome.Still can’t believe dudes thought Geechi was going to lose smh.Epadi Ella youtubers um people's ah yemathi neenga nalla irukinga.He moved his left shoulder strangely.


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Kiara Prabhu

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George Humphrey

Over 40 years ago we got in the pinewood derby. I always like to see what types of things you can do to make one really fast. I found this really interesting.


is the marble lift going to also play tight?

Daniel Said Retana Lpez

40:40 todava no me queda claro porque es empate si parece mas un jaque mate.

Top Secret

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Batman Superman

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Shauqi Ahmad

At 1:42, why don't the black queen takes the pawn on c3? Thank you if you or anyone would enlighten me with some answers.


Did I rewatch the part with James? Yes. Yes I did.

Akhilesh Nambiar

Hi Guys, could you do s video on conditional portability please.

Ayhan Sava

29:08 "my pawns are not actually weak" while his pawns are the definition of weakin a dic. This is self confidence.

Tony Olivieri

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the way he hold the mouse, cannot unsee it

Nawfal ahmad

Modern chess is different than any sport. It would be someone better than you in football. But chess is different. Top and non-top player gather in one arena and fighting. But yeah, Magnus still winning.

Conan Edogawa

Maria is HOT

Billy Everson

Great video. All those shavings and suddenly out pops this unique treasure!  You referred to the micro-bevel. Is this a secondary bevel on the cutting edge the same as you put on a plane blade?

ankita thalia

Sir what is the name of this new technology of black board ??

Buyile Mncube

I have been very hesitant to learn JS, but after going watching this video I became less afraid and more interested in JS thank you Mosh.

Shawna Foreman

At 9:19 u can see a hand

Craig Saunders

Good stuff mate.


(2:40 - 3:23) My favorite part.The combination of music and images from this scene dazzled me... almost as in "A Clockwork Orange".

Mathew Joseph

So basically if any of the castling pieces has moved or is going into a potential check position then it is not allowed