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What should I do to make opponent win the match ?Rook to g7 and after that pwan to g5.Thanks Jonathan!Women's world rapid championship ended in a tie breaker.

If I was

If I was

Wow, what an adventure for the White King.Thanks for doing these videos John."Get out there, and build something awesome".This is whatthis one is.Great Tutorial for my very first unity project.Just relying on friction between the 2 when you tighten the bolt.Your videos are useless.

Daniel Drelich is also a very generous donator (6.General burnside is the sexiest man ever.This game is more exciting than the whole world chess championship.I've also watched you're Union jack video and would love to see you make the Scottish saltire.Oooo God im dad laughing.The said Corona virus outbreak is a potential threat to the survivability of the humans on the planet Earth.Ben's so right about comfort with your position in a match.

Klo putih menyerang mentri dengan gajah hitam gimna bangSoalnya itu belom abang bahas tadi.You make this look very easy, I do not have a workbench,vice, tools or the space to learn.It is good to watch.I could watch 501 tips if you did them all screaming mad hatter style the whole time!So it creates unlimited real made puzzels.Thanks for sharing.

Your videos are the best.I sound like I was wealthy but quite the opposite, just lucky:)Love your work Techmoan:).What I learned the Chinese is killing the dutch.That uses the little theorem of Fermat isn't it?It's very relaxing like a for sleeping under the black sky and stars.It is in this position we have a completely new game.I love benbut I do love trump too, sorry ben.None of my Best Buy’s or GameStop’s was participating in the event.Thank you so much Jerry.Cho em xin link nhc m uvs ).

I love your videos.

I love your videos.

Good layout and sharp tools mean everything-same as wood.I'd really like to see some good midend-game action :D.Gosu Hoon: HoonzoGosu Gen: GenzoCoincidence?Think of how hard it is for an adult to become fluent in another language, but every idiot in the world can learn one as a child without even trying.His line analysis is faster than speed chess.Great video, thanks for sharing!Agadmator what about rook f3.

I loved watching this so much.What jointerplaner is that?Wow truly instructive.What if 1:18 instead of d6 black went for knight e4 with fork idea next move?30:19 to the end.Because it seems like he lost a lot of game in this open.This guy really loves shapes.8:27 it did sound like the door slamed behind moe but tom could not do that and tom th cat did not jump like moe did when the big noise happen so it was probly on of the female or male spirits in the house.This video clip alone is a really nice therapy for curing depression and chronic anxiety !Therefore she must be cheating.



smelly bean.v1

Imagine making all this work and losing to a 13 year old in your board

Lance Newdinger

what router bit did you use to flush the mdf up?


To many crybabys here

Kasia Lotnik

dubox juts blundered , thats all

Patrick Oliver Farrelly

can anybody tell me if the circle of fifths applies to minor keys as well as major keys? I'm not great at music theory but I'm sort of lost at 5.33 where the sharps in each key show up. E.g. I know that the key of G Major only has one sharp (f I believe?) so that makes sense...but the G Minor scale has 2 does it not? I am completely lost here! hahah any responses that can clear this up?

Md Ariffin

Are you wearing MKBHD's shirt?

Eli Eberle

i wanted to see that science bit

Ega Hariyanto

very sad king :(

Rose my life

Its really freaky when u said its 3:30 i looked up it was 3:29am i wish i can put the screenshot up


V ER YN I C E . . . T YChaos Reigns


Could anyone explain to me why after the black King takes the white Bishop on E4 at 12:03  Bishop B6  would not be a better move? The king would be in check and the black Queen would have been captured. That was not even considered as a possibility in the analysis. May be I am missing something?