FM Maksimović Bojan - IM Runić Zoran (blic partija na kupu RS 2017)

Chess Messiah, Mikhail Tal!I wanna see Pepe's stream.One of the best videos on this channel.Canada failed all these women.

Jak wida wiat liczb nie jest cigy, to zbir punktw.Yknow C H U M P S ".I love this amazing idea.Interesting concept.Only a 2-dimensional section of your part is being printed at a time.I was in a bad spot financially, with urgent need for a roof over my head.You don't have to invent fake explanations.

How did he get stuck in that

How did he get stuck in that

I love the Troll Maker community.Of course it's probably just that they're playing their best move until they have no other choice.Say if you have a line you have infinite points which represent length.Love this movie.Vinger nh dalana?

Is this something that could ve done on a larger scale?This Nakamura is really cool.Hobby shop - 5 minutes.Excelente juego!Great video Linus.I was just thinking to myself black wasted so much time with the knight he ended up putting the knight where it should of been to begin with e5.I mean stick a spear in his gut loathesome.Have A Super Week!So it creates unlimited real made puzzels.Aww Brownbears part at the end was massively wholesome.

Too many variations, too much obvious observations,.

Too many variations, too much obvious observations,.

I thought that stirring meringue like that could deflate it.So this is what Bob was doing before the zombie apocalypse.In the first week the record was already under 1:30.i try desing at my best, move2nd leftvertical, first down horizontal and 2nd up horizontal and form a square with first right vertical.But something obvious is missing.Absolutely stunningly beautiful.1:55 Checking out some ass.Next Carlsen vs Nakamahal.Thanks for going through that.One of your better videos.


You're a professional who devoted his life to this game and you're mocking amateurs? smhEdit: spelling

Meme Phox

You should remix this remix and have the pawns throw the other guys off the board with a huge flip.

Jack Ma

tbh that blue colour material under pieces is not nice...i think leaving the pieces as it much better lol

Mars Blackmon

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Rachel Devadhas

Pls can I have 2 iPhone c plz plz I love your vids


women, cats, alcohol...


I'm confused. Why didn't it crash?

jay raguskus

13:37 songs name

Ali Tabatabaei

i believe pawn h6 made him lose.


If there was one player that intimidated and used psychological warfare it's Fischer


Thank you

Maurits Steemers

Always when I am seeing Maurice Ashley I must think of Morpheus from the Matrix haha :)

Jude Animations

He never said it was mid day

Bec 6054

This video proves Ned has a better hand the one holding the bottle is better than the one covered in alcohol

Shgyn Liong

Cool :)

Travis Monk

The Cup? Fucking baller move Tim. That was a treat.


don't forget to show us how to make thin boards, thanks.


"You were beating Mike Kummer then you hung mate in 1.". lol

Raphael Osamoor

Victor fotso