This is not the correct way to turn the piece out of a wood.Kid:can I swap iPhone X that’s betterMe:iPhone 5 and he’s younger then me.It was a comfortable win for Vishy, no pressure at any moment!In Node Wrangler, did you know that you can select a Principled BDSF shader and press CTRL SHIFT T and it will open and connect all the textures in a PBR material at once?I like your design.(I'm not into metal things, but that captivated me) Thanks for sharing your talentp.What is the loadout.I think you will find reaching under the table to adjust the height very cumbersome.

What are the ways to comprehend?Unforgettable memories of my school days.And i really wish i could play against you!Now a lot of things become clear.I’m starting to look into these Matons with there use of locally-grown Blackwood, Queensland Maple and Bunya timbers, then they have these Tasmanian timbers and those trees are hundreds of years old.

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for

No one is forcing you to watch it.Please promote this channel more.A barber down the street from me got arrested for selling drugs its sad because I was one of his customers for years.Hello Mr King, just wanted to know if you anticipated any problems with the bottom panel if it expands in the damp weather or contract in the dry period?4:10 that moment when you bought the wrong screen protector.

He's not always consistent, but when

He's not always consistent, but when

Anand an inspiration and a Legend Happy birthday!Is this instructional or just a bad standup act?Stockfish isn't cutting it.With Qb6, Firoujza thought went to such depth that he deprived himself of castling in view of the Night to e4.Master versi kecilJangan pada baper.Sometime I can leave a small portion uncut to hold things in place until it is finished.He could move his king to c6 in the sketch.Wow great video!My only complaint about your review was the strength of the magnets.

The add-on I want: Add-on Wrangler.Thats kinda makes me sad.There are always different ways in any situation, but that was a great move!Maybe I can spend couple euros to that crap if I can't find anything better with cheap price.I don't care if it's kaizo, official, licensed, hacked, 2d or 3d, that right there is the best Boswer battle ever designed.Cube root of unity.

I really like it.

I really like it.

This is what true pain feels like.Taking it in strides."May the fork be with you" please make that into a tshirt!Completely understanderble though.He still played some good game though in the last tournament.

The oboe is fantastic!

The oboe is fantastic!

So you are no longer an amateur -).Great design and execution.Deahm dude you are so chil i watchd your whole video!I love your project and the foil of the white enamel paint against the gorgeous walnut.What will be the price of this lamp?Any chance you have a direct link to where this guide is?She is so bad, i can win this games vs stockfish.The aforementioned question refers to his 21 move brilliancy against Byrne.Wow, that's pretty cool!

David Dorman

G'day from Australia, I do enjoy your work! I do have a question though every time I flatten the end grain cuttingboard and put back on the bench It whorps back to the side just flattened, I can only use the router to flatten the boardthis has happened several times now the timber is very dry and end grain so I thought I'd ask the professionals for "HELP" before I quit the project this Is the first attempt to make a cutting board. Can you offer anysuggestions? Cheers D

What a Legend

To everyone who wonders about his name Agadmator, I am Croatian as well so let me sort this out for you and translate.AGad - bastard,Mator - GrownUp... Grownup Bastard. Enjoy :)!

Everyday English

"Hey, Rocky, Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!" Insane attacking!


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Brian Bernstein

Bigmak and 1man are probably one dude in a computer lab on two machines just hoping for a video like this lol

Doctor Noxadus

Ivanchuk showed who is the boss

Jacob Bowser

What a wonderful Christmas present! You are an excellent Santa Claus!

David Bland



GG to DGR and Ryu! That was an awesome race!Warning: Spoilers if you click "Read more"!You actually beat Ryu! I didn't expect that all on based on the intro! Huge congrats. You're actually a very good Mario 64 player, didn't expect that!

Jay Pawar

6.52 knight can be taken by pawn


the intro is do disturbing xD

Luis C

he just hears blaa blaa blaa when his scintis and experts talk so he dosent know what the hell hes talking about

joven17 miranda

yung bata kamuka ni keilvj nang bren no limit...

Warren Escherich

I would love to make this model in 3D :) I once made a 3D model on a 'steampunk' coffee boiler, but lost the file and the render when my drive crashed. Now I make min. 3 copies of backups


Nice details without off the bridge ornate edges and other shit not needed on a block.... Tool to be used,


Carlsen balances the position on a knifes edge, and comes out on top.

Notch Gamers


tempus fugit

Liang wenbo practices at my local pool and snooker club. The Oracle pool and snooker club, Abingdon on Thames Oxfordshire, Moved his own practice table in a couple of months ago.

the gastewaste

Gosu gen play hanzo: EVERY HANZO USERS LIKE THAT

Micha Kowalski

1:53:58 missed mate in 1

Vrajesh Vyas

Puru was just a small King of small kingdom on border of india gave him his toughest battle,the army of the mighty Magadh empireof central India with 10,000 elephants would have eaten the whole army of ",this stupid great"for their breakfast


What about the bubbles in the epoxy?