Thank you for showing me how to use these new features.As a person using this literally everyday I had no idea the history behind it.I felt bad Lowkey like dammmnnn sis.

Imagine you're in the audience and doesn't know what the fuck is going on for 5 whole hours waiting for the handshake.Squares are never perfectly square IMHO.What's the name of the short piece of music right after this, that repeats throughout the series during sentimental moments?Why do people buy short body pickup trucks?They will develop their minor pieces first and also because after Qa5 Bd2, black will lose tempo because he has to move his queen to safety.Africans had their own form of whiskey long before europeans came.Assalamu Alaykum from Azerbayjan.Eles batem pauma so pelo cara ter acertado alguma bola.

Rough tournament for Carlsen but I

Rough tournament for Carlsen but I

Jessica has an amazing and unique voice, and she should be proud of it.My first time watchn her and I'm imprest.:) Another paradox, perhaps?10 years in the making finally completed project number 1.Because nobody fucking cares about your incredibly shitty products?Time ni kanunkkovali ani anukunindi evaru.Underrated because he was always in the shadow of Kasparov, but really he's one of the all time best, and was practically Kasparov's equal.

After hours days and weeks you surface with

After hours days and weeks you surface with

And now his dead.Where is the Morphy Head!This may even make the chain wavy as they would be under sea?A spoiled brat definitely would not have taken the time to thank a sponsor in his own words, nor would he be aware of the fact that he might seem spoiled to others.Probably using a chest program to help him win.Creativity in action.This is a collab we never knew we needed.Everything else you have done here has been proved but this was simply left as apparently your opinion.I always like to see new types of Art.Ben and his cheap, but creative lovable yolks.

One of the smoothest transitions to an ad that I've seen.Nc3 took so long, since it seems white has only one response.Love your reviews of Ivanchuk games especially.The irritating nature must be coming from the other side.You are fantastic sir.I knew you had Magical Powers.

Oi oihow did white pawnd5 take

Oi oihow did white pawnd5 take

From Dominican Rep.Why did they stop playing?Even though I know there is no Hogwarts there.Is your opinion of Carlsen still the same as it was?Nah mate it's checkmate mate!Every shop heeds a set of these!And chose a calm music and pick more usefull scenesthese visible led sources look very bad as like as the woodwork.Try komodo 12 on this puzzle.I have a math boner.

Bishop pair definitely does not equal two pieces half a pawn.I just want to see the actual game!Small error at 16:30.That sun sphere in a clear sphere would be more spectacular i think.It was very annoying to see that on the edge of the screen.


You're a very enjoyable guy to watch, you got yourself a new subscriber!

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RIP opportunity

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did hikaru make any educational content? for chess beginners?

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Simply mindblowing.... earlier division and distribution seemed to be the most difficult topic in combinatorics.But after watching this video it seems as if this is the most easiest topic. Thanks a lot sir. Your videos and your books has changed my way of perception of maths. Thanks a lot

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1:56 Theback of that dudes neck creeped me the hell out !!!


That title is like a porn video title.

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That is a Sinc() function.


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back in 2013 it felt as if the Berlin defense was everywhere, now it's much more rare at the top level. what happened?

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21 dislike the people who followed the emperor

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