Fit Chess Pieces and Board Size

I've noticed as the bearing rides the original the carriage tips a bit which I think might be where the lines are coming from and not so much out of adjustment.Use the test piece before you Nail the hell out of the top piece.Thank u for sharing your thoughts.I hope I have one Man as you.Great upload, thanks KC!So this means chess is dead and we can all stop playing?

My daughter currently leads 3 games to 2 (she's never beaten me at chess so she's pretty happy that she's giving me a run for my money now with this new game).I saw this in the newspaper bc he actually killed someone in my town.Wow ang mabuti nga ang pulis.They will be given pieces of each building instruction that are either ripped or obscured in some way so they might not be fully aware what they are building.But what if the king stays on the c file.But this is by one of the most impressive things i've seen made!

If black moves his queen somewhere else

If black moves his queen somewhere else

" I don't think blacks going to Castle".Tarasch forgot about women.Is this a troll?Maybe you would like to read the autobiography of Vishwanathan Anand "Mind Master".Tried finding the number for 11 up to 289322146960 but it makes sense that it's impossible for double digits.Yasser was a great player in his day.Super creepy explore.My question is because this concept is hard to explain to others.What's the point?

Then I read how to monetize you have to have 4k hours of viewers watching your videos.I would love to see some of the behind the scenes development you do with the CNC and programming and how you tackle and make decisions about how to represent such a graphic.Wondering how much something like this would even cost to assemble?I'm suprised this wasn't a recreation of the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942.Queen moves A5 check, then takes knight.Love vet koek Paleis.Energy of love, forgiveness, blessings, nature and balance.I know you were going for blue squares.

Holy molly that is the most beautiful resin art my eyes are burning.What is the point of roughing up the surface before u add new coat?FAR, much better picture of Alireza.14:20boo that is good, yeah i like that.There is always some issue going on with Magnus's camera!

We just watched a really long unskipable

We just watched a really long unskipable

Their are too many other countries touching the Atlantic that you exceed 4 colors.I will try this on my channel :D thats nice.I tried that 2 by 2 grid.That came out beautifully!Of course, the distribution of totals at each level determines the number of combinations of each side of the coin.He is only a small youtuber so the least you could have done was called him out as the guy who first did this challenge and gave you the idea instead of pretending you came up with it.Can't talk during the game always kills me xDD.

Always activeAlways likingAlways not skipping adsIGN: ChipsID: 618918731Skin: Gus Venom.I think you have worked hard and costly, and are ready to compete, especially merits.Thanks for posting and all your efforts.Why does everything originate in Asia and get improved in Europe ?I didn't think they would turn out like that.Com is disgusting.With my saw, I find projects difficult with the limited space in front of the blade.Sending blessing your way, Keep inspiring!Eric seems to be a sweet kitty against a magician.Why would you want to go play higher rated players when youre currently having trouble beating a lower rated player.

Si viajas a Chile te invito a una parrillada genio.This is great but may I suggest a roller race instead of a plain bolt as the centre.Ned is so much fun!I wish I could buy a pair.Dubov jjghtfvhjuf Carlzen ohh good.It's so tempting.The car is out of gas.There would be no advantage of putting black in check at that point.Really appreciate your help and your knowledge it was such a great video.

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Thanks alot for sharing these interesting games and explaining the story. Much appreciated.


Awesome video. You are a master and a great teacher. The way speak and explain is extremely pleasing.

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I haven't read all the previous comments (over 400) so I don't know whether anyone else has raised this. I think the safety aspect is very important and using a track saw is far safer than using a table saw. Even a saw stop does not guarantee your safety!

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Very well done.

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Andreeson beat a very sick morphy..cs paul morphy had acoldflu in that game and he insiting to play that game

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Needs more scrap wood added to it... So it doesn't get burnt, because some of the scrap wood, is still good! And Bob's your Auntie!

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Ignore all the hatred here please. Thank you for this pretty cool vid on chess. Good move, Redbull.

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I like your chair.

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1:31:48 The guy with agad says "bishop g6" but the player finds and even better knight f4 and checkmates the opponent. Look at his face...!!

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This is a very excellent game!!!!! Wow! Thanks agadmator!


great work!I love that this is a family endeavor

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great clean and helpful video, your english is phenomenal, thank you!