It was amazing and perfect.Very helpfull for use thank you !Eugene: Get those nuts away from my faceMe: Nods in Latrice.These days, they offer draws.

In 28:22 after knight to f5, I think Carlsen should have go bishop bg1 (to g1) then, the white tower can't go toh2, also white knight can't help, whatever white does, next move for black can be pawn to h2 and I think blacks wins or not?Your dedication to woodworking and craftsmanship reminds me of Norm Abram.But in the books what ever you've taught in combinations are in permutations.What’s Inside: What’s Inside An ATM?Looks Awesome except for the flap where you did not shape it.What a game, i thouroly enjoyed.But the opponent was too childish.

Bro how to use android phone.I would say you're doing just fine bro.Ahhh, the Motherland.This is such an interesting video.Also I very much like the instantchess model, check it out, there is a reason they last til this day.Waves from switzerland.Dok me je ale kao klincada igram ah jedna od stvari koje je rekao je: Ne moe da da mat sa dva skakaa.From dungsenpai.How can the players concentrate in such an environment?How do you feel about dog holes in this bench?

At 10:43 what

At 10:43 what

Is it just me or does Eric actually looks like Trevor from GTA V?At 18:25 after Nf5, if black pushes g3 then moves Kh8, won't it end as a draw?The lesle is SAVEG.Well, obviously.Wake TF up you old shit.

It was later

It was later

Post Game conference, stupid bitch reporter asks Anand about his thinking process.Already up to 299 now, lol.7:42 matame esa, jaque mate universo.A true chuck on your drill press might improve your cut too.Would like to see more videos from Peter svidler.Rogue One o’clock class?I love this video.Beautiful work !


Bc3 last stand move . Hats off to a player who didn't lost hope

Adomas Kuzinas

This Rosen Dude needs to work on calculation, he's hanging his queen like every game.

Saki Nikaid

Someone make Carlson try it LOL

Shibu Bhai

who wins


Very interesting!  Is this set up a bit like a cnc machine underneath?  I noticed when a piece is taken it moves one piece off the board before moving the other one, making me think the z has a magnet on it that moves up to contact the pieces and the x and y pull them from the board, this way the magnet won't interfere with other pieces while moving around.  Regardless, very cool!

Justin Hulse

Maybe they did draw?...a picture of a giant chessboard with rainbows and unicorns instead ofknights.


Pawn c6 shuts down whites attack

pedro moreno

eres muy bueno explicando claro y simple gracias

Maksym Markov

28 years of Independence, hundreds of years of cultural, economic and social development, just to be famous for making antique looking clocks.


Surely after d4xc5 black cannot recapture not because of BxP winning a pawn, but because of QxQ winning a queen...