Fingerboarding in Taiwan

Do NOT build a Rocket Stove on theBalcony of your apartment complex.Other than a few minor changes to this man's life, my neighbor Kenny, is a very bitter, cold, horrible man.Zlatan never loses.Since Obama care was implemented, the healthcare in America has been worse.The meme sound effect and the unrelated video pop out of nowhere is unnecessary dude, it's not funny.Thank you Jimmy!Why do actors always start on the A stringEVERY GOSH DARN TIME.5:47 what abt black rook e7?

Thx, I now know my

Thx, I now know my

I have heard DevMountain for a long time.Why didnt he checkmate him with Queen at 14:40.Where do I go from here any thoughts please.Nice job on the dovetail cutter.The guy is a millionaire.I don't believe any of this.I love a beautiful woman with a brain.He saw that in less than a few seconds.Really fast and efficient, a lot of error tool breakage alarms.

Nice, but nuts

Nice, but nuts

Dude that is bad ass.Sir, how can i get these position in pgn or any other format, thanks for showing these good positions.0:32 solu vaddu chestha naa.Scared the hell out of me.Can't wait to display it on my coffee table once it arrives.In which software you have to do.Where's part two?

We've seen "gaming" architectures with HBM and we also have CPUs with iGPUs.Shout out to feathering it brother.It kills me too see all this work done, and its totally messed up due to something simple thing.Moe Sargi his friends are awsome becarful stay safe have fungood luck love you Moe Sargi.I found this to be an amazing video for any player that is really seeking to improve their game.Finally you got it right with Scheveningen.Great work, great results, and a very entertaining video series.

I really like the brass mechanism.Now i can get the first place vs with other school for chess tournament.What will be the weight of the baked cake.I subbed because you are crazy like me.Awesome at $100.Especially since they have no likeness anywhere.Very nice Mosh, Thank you very much.What a sick ass video, loving the dark environment and the beat, and love how the work piece is the main focus and the star of the show.

steampunk hulk

Ionce forced a dude to capture a pawn with his queen so didnt get checkmate, checkmate 2 moves later, fun stuff

Ji Ro

Haroro is trash

Quan Duong

Anh i anh nh vi ngi i anh

Alexander Domnick

Is it just me, or does Magnus blink a lot?


Don't forget TP, Look's like you're out. 13:42

I see head people

I saw a couple gavagans smushing pussys

Christine Wang

what piece at 12:53?

Ryan Landry

38:41 you had Rxb3!axb, Qxb, Ka1, Be4, Rf3, BxR, QxB, QxQUp the material exchange.

Jobi Thomas


Don cordell

None of you seem to know RCA held the patent on Superhetrodyne circuit, many law suits for years in the 30's. 455 kh IF for AM, 10.7 Mh for FM, except Philco used 9.1 Mh, for FM, Philco used a unique circuit for the FM detector, they used a Tube FM 1000 a pentagrid oscillator mixer that produced a 9.1 Mh signal to beat against the 9.! Mh FM signal to recover the audio modulation, resulted in a very wide band audio frequency recovery. Early TV sets until about 1960 used a 25 Mh Intermediate Frequency for the tuners, which caused a beat interferencewhen one TV was on Channel 7 it interfered with a neighbor watching Channel 11 or someone watching 9 interfered with someone watching Channel 13. About that time the TV IF was increased to 45 Hh as is the normal now used.Early Philco radios about 1933 was a TRF Tuned Radio Frequency to avoid paying RCA patent dues, than required a 2 stage tuning capacitor to get the narrow bandwidth to separate stations on adjacent frequencies. Home radio started with KDKA in Pittsburgh, PA in 1921. In the 1930 census the government asked do you own a radio. I'm 92 started doing radio service in 1939. In 1961 I was designing receivers for the Deep Space Network with JPL. Two way comunication from the moon to earth,wow In my life time, pictures from Pluto, wow. Ham radio to talk over distances, now we talk all pictures over the world on the internet. WOW.


Chess lesson. History lesson. And a King's Gambit game. Doesn't get any better than this.

penny shelley

And the whole time he was In check

smu johnson

Some say blunder, I say genius move

Lisa Schembri

Why is the lawyer so happy talking about numerous people being killed by his client? What really is a fun factor here to be laughing about?


I have a large collection of strange video formats. the most unusual I have is a Grundig svr4004. in Sweden, betamax is quite uncommon. it is easier to find video 2000

Federico Torres

Buena explicacion!


I'm assuming he lasted the longest because he wouldn't resign / concede like the others.


This is my board that Mike made for me - and I couldn't ask for anything better. Absolutely gorgeous craftsmanship, and amazing to be able to see how it was done. Thanks again Mike!

1. Thou Shant Lewd Kaori

how was the one trick pony thing funny