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This is excellent.No wonder the queen is so op in Chess.Great projects Nick!This, combined with the continued psychological pressure, over the board often results in (even strong) players breaking down eventually.Much respect for making these videos big homie.Thx for the video.This does happen in speed chess even in grand master level and its honestly moronic to call him a cheater because of that.

Come to Eastern State Penitentiary for some good EVPs.If JavaScript is considered as a programing language then HTML is also a programing language.Man i need a doorstop.Didn't find way to send direct message so i just paste it here.That Was NiceCool.I love that guy.

You might be able to get

You might be able to get

Soo wats the idea here.The first clip though.Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge!It’s not a mate.The finest thing in this video is that accent god damn.I love your duplicating machine and like I've read below you are a genius at custom tools!Lambanog for the philippines.

I should think twice before regurgitating

I should think twice before regurgitating

Great vid, easy to understand.But idk feels a little hypocritical.13:30 rook takes bishop instead of rook f4 and it would be technical draw.Faucking Raid: Shadow legends got to Rob as well.This is a masterpiece.

The king can move to left or?

The king can move to left or?

Moving the pawn draws.Hi Suren,Can you please tell me one thing.Me: hears the accentAlso me: clicks away from video.Abraos do Brasil.He comes up with some fantastic jokes that he make out of any situation.Bh6, 22-Rxe8 (mate in 11 moves or less)22-.

Anyway back to my 1400 rating.Just discovered this channel.Glad they used Brooke's design.BRILLIANT MATE !What a bad voice.The aggressive lines loses the game for white such as Bxf7 and O-O after black played g4.A lot of these people seem to be enjoying this.

Sir mi background music bagoledu bayankaranga undi video vinali ani anipinchadam Ledu pls.Sorry X but those bee jokes were unbeelievable :).If NASA had you working for them man would be standing on Mars today.Can solo turtle3.Both of you be safe ok Fam.

Hard to be first.

Hard to be first.

No one else in the world can give this interview apart from Vassily Ivanchuk.Im cnc working brain and when I see work like yours Im delighted.It wasn't stated but was that 3rd game MVL vs Jeffrey Xiong blitz tournament game if not its very similar.Very instructive.Ditto, what many have said about more time in the steamer and more time on the form and V G wood if possible.Thanks so much for publishing!I tried the candle one at home and burned my house down.


This system is so inefficient. Just write the initial and final squares of each move, and for castling write the initial and final squares of both rook and king.

kiss peter

Walter , Guhring , Mitsubishi , OSG and many more have something to say ...., nice drilling tho :D

Richard Fredlund

beautiful explanation




how not to remember those beautiful moments


Didn't get notification :(

Party Panda

8:01:35 Pawn Cube :)


Too black too strong

Robert Pemberton

When idiots comment on grandmasters... smh