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Now that was a lot of work.(trade rook for fiancetto bishop) 3:)or as zendoclone1 suggested bishop.Tom is playing against fucking Dumbledore I don't think he can win.Enjoy the time you spend together.

Shortwave radio).What anand said in the end of game?Immediately not years later.Anthony Padilla.Igual te ganaba, porque soy el mejor!Just for emphasis see the anand vs kasparov blitz match in 1996 in geneva, where again anand won because kasparov made a blunder from a winning position.Queen captures,bishop captures and game continue.

I myself would propably have tried to replace only the broken board because otherwise the box seems to be intact.So in a regular chess game one would not capture a piece if it would allow them to capture that piece and then opening up his area.We've actually seen this twice in the last 5 years with Fed and Joko.I look at this rose bush base that’s been in my front yard for years.Awesome please keep up the videos, thanks for sharing.Bro he was cheating.More like this pls.

At 6:50 Qg5 is winning?

At 6:50 Qg5 is winning?

Give up the queen to win her.The first one was so easy for magnus xD.Trust me its usually always better to risk than to break your beggining pile at the six.ALWAYS GOTTA BE BOOSTING SHIT.You are still awesome btw.Anand always looks young wow.Why after 15 Qe1 didn't Black play Nxd5?It seems a common theme:control content too much and you will fail.Love the thumbnail.Isn't 1:07 d5 kind of zwischenzug too?

There's an iPhone app you can play with your friends called chain reaction, and it's basically just sandpiles!4d chess should be on an 8x8x8x8 board that means you would need 64 chess boards to play it.The palace was surrounded by the black pieces.Then if he play me i would get checkmatedat move 3."This is so hard for me to visualize.It's all about mindset.I didn't see any Must See game here.THE DOC also known as THE TWO TIME back to back lichess BLOCKBUSTER titled arena CHAMPION.Was not disappointed.

This was actually a good and fair video.I genuinely want to know.Peter, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your company in this video.The wikipedia seems to be gone now.Raise it to the zero power and subtract one.The only thing i find it difficult is the titles and names :(((.Wonderful game by Navara, he clearly won a losing battle."This seems 0:38 rather suspect.

Just subbed on the

Just subbed on the

The sliding headboard is an awesome idea!You have nice fingernails.Fine attacking play.Thank a lot coach.My 7th Grade Teacher(Not Olympic Teacher Only Normal Teacher) Already Told us This Mathod.I have 6k in my bank but saving it for a car and a house.Magnus vs Camera!The same when you go below 3 dimension.I'm glad I stumbled across this video.Nice job and video and nice neighbor you have and are!

Marty Vener

Words cannot describe what n how well your projects turn out. You look at a piece of wood, n you create a piece of art. Thanks for sharing as always.

Delvamizon 12

Carlsen is the best and Garry Kasparov is legend world

Mohammed khelifa

wow , you are the man )

Nasar Jafri

Lets go back.

Rodolfo Acosta

He can beat magnus in a few years

nasos lahanas

your videos are gold my friend.... And I love to see your dog.

Robert Grenzray

He's like a white Ainsley Harriot of computing.

Suraj Rawat

Chess puzzle solutiOn :Qc6 if Bc6 theN Rd8 is check Abd theN Qc8 , Rook captures queeN is a checkmate If bishop don't capture queeN and Qc8 theN Rd8 and the sweetie has goNe....Fantastic puzzle and ur video

Xavier Lozano

You here that voice I crap my pants and my chest hurt to I’m scared no cap started crying time stamp 7:50 maybe when he came up the stairs I’m shaking

Never Nothing

I don't like Karyakin. Duda keep raising

Skyler Grid

you talk a lot. please make sure when you talk, they make sense..not just for the sake of talking for the vids. make it educational...try to sub to agad and JB...


5:46 Did we just see the heat shield that we aren't allowed to see?

Gordon Ou

I started with java script and still remember my first hello world program and still have the program on my pc.The file was made in 2009.


It went to 3.4k thumbs up, when I upvoted.I'm upvote 3.4k!!Excellent vid and very nice work!Subbed!Because if I didn't, that would be dumb!

OG vinni

Even though this game was very nice to watch, I absolutely hate the London system as I was never able to cope with the weakness of the e4 square that white has

Gerhard Symons

How did Kasparov not see the Bg7 move?I am a newb with sub-1500 ELO, and saw that move.

used lover

I'm proud of Ghibli as a Japanese!!


cool! That stuff always gets me.

Laura M

Hi Neil, great project! On the inside of the bottom box, a nice addition might be to cut thin pieces of cedar to wrap the inside of the sides. Great look, smell, and it would hide your woodscrews!Thank you for the great projects you do, I always find a new technique or idea watching your videos!

Lance Dooley

You should sell these as model kits. Way better then the crap plastic ones and this would be the greatest for student learning and practical applications instead of large scale sized ones in shop classes

Let’s Wing It

Such a cool project! You should get a deal with Crayola

Aditya Potluri