Faster than a calculator | Arthur Benjamin | TEDxOxford

Oh Lord we used to have like ten Victrolas in our basement.16:09 The fact that the lie detector hugged Eugene.Nobody is gonna talk about gens ping.Thanks bro it motivated me.Would he break into the 3xxx ?Why rook upside down?Id love to see an update to the video.Notification squad where u at?

Great design, and awesome vid once again!How can you poison your own children, watching them slowly suffer in pain and watch them wither away.In 7:07 why not just Qd3 to block the check instead of Ka1?It is well that Grant is so terrible at hand drawing, or we should grow too fond of it - as with his gorgeous animations.Man, Andreikin gave him the smackdown.Forking queen and rock?That wouldn't add too much weight and it's work, I think.Wonderful work Steve, very well done!This kid is frighteningly good.Thanks and all the best.

Was there some kind

Was there some kind

I totally understood pretty much everything you talked about and even tried some different functions and tasks on my own.Foreground Brushes.Like Trump government.Also, as i didn't want waste any extra money with this before i make couple of trial runs, i used alternative silicone.The music and the video brought back beautiful memories of the time I spent with my dad over chess.Can’t wait for next weeks show, love y’all!Where is the metal 3D printer.

Is there anything you can't do?Great video--keep em coming!Awesome tutorial, really hard to find something so useful.Without knights chess would be a boring game lost in antiquity.At 21:45 what if black plays RxNe2 ?7) Then scrifice your rook by moving it to f7.

Thanks for Your instructive videos.Someone knows what is the chess interface?Really beautywant maid it.Yo that beat in the background is sick!Com and Lichess.Thanks Sir for this dedication.Forgive my ignorance here, but why exactly did the match end when it did?

The tale of modern chess overloaded by opening knowledge.Using something like the silcone heat blankets most guitar builders are using would be a great, albeit expensive, option.Time to save up to buy this Masterclass!Requires a jig that saves making 40 some odd marks.Alireza vs wesley game please.

Dean Smith


tony montana

Who’s the most informed podcast out-Joe (in his bag) Budden

Justin Wall

At 2:52 what if black plays e5 instead of Bg4?

sun flower

Now I want a "trenchbull" cake from matilda


Anna Rudolf: you are supposted to be master player. BUT: after Ng5 - h6 - h4 - hg - hg - Black could try Ne4 to block mate, maybe followed by f5, because the knight is temporarily defended by pawn d5. You dont even CONSIDER this move, but you should clarify such variants. Otherwise it is too superficial. Countless chess dummies are of course impressed as usual. But that IS the critical variant.

Arviejay Ranido

Galit na galit si Bonita ah

jovenzkei abayon

pti ako ko ang karanasan ni hanna Good lock hanna

Frank Gecko

CarsonWorld 1. I live to see him down the Gods of Chess.


Rioters: Loot WhoresRikers: Trolls and HackersCleaners: Comp PlayersLMB: PC Master RaceThe Division: Casual PlayersWhat side you on?

Sai Kaushik

Knight to c6threatening checkmate then if bishop capturesknight then queen captures bishop and rook to d8 checkmate


Daaaaamn, the Dragon Army is OP!

rats arsed

I missed the drop test. How many pieces did it wind up in ?


Me tryin to find a loophole :You never said in the first place that we are not in a field like Zp. If we were in Zp and p=3 then 3=0. Just joking, you cant devide in a field like that...

Hocus Focus

Carlsen was just showing off his dominance, what a fucker haha


The last guy you played cheating everu move he played like 4-6 second

Sinz!sans Uhh god

link of that you playinG?

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This looks fun!

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5:55"cancer is killing cancer"

Derrick A. Dabian

Woah I like the knight allot haven't seen one like this.

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I have a new style furby

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Enjoyed this a lot. Casual games can be very nice :) Keep up the good work, Agad

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Very beautiful and nice. Love it