Fanmade SLVR "Regalia" Trailer

For number 5 just tell your friend to create the two piles.Case2: Kxe5Kxd7Kd4 b8Q (King vs King and Queen end game).Love me a good sicilian defense.Hi was wondering what can you use instead of a plainer?Make it like a shield and we can throw it like captain america's shield.The pride you take in your craft, and the skill you display, is incredible.

6:52:22 Made it this far so far!Also,I've never even heard of a track saw (why I clicked here).It was so bad, so jammed in there, so stupid, that when my late wife and I first watched it on video, she honestly thought somebody had mucked around, erased and recorded over the vid with some stupid comedy film.One mistake against this monster is all it takes.Those people were awesome!

Lol, I think I would beat this Nakura guy.Non recyclable or bio-degradable foam just out there.Sweet Caroline you somehow missed.First, the board is very pretty but that wont last under use as it is not an end grain cutting board.Sin duda, es un genio enseando.Good video, i need this.The same old washed up jokes, even the kids are full of it and from their reaction they are just waiting for it to end and waiting for Ben to finally get to chess.Very nice explanation.

The way you did that thinking

The way you did that thinking

The privilege between lawyer and client should never be broken.Wtf, he isnt that good.He was in his prime.Brilliant Work and Amazing Editing, always enjoy the little snips from the movies!I too hate parties and talking to people.Problem is playing it in a real game !

And why did you wait for so long

And why did you wait for so long

At 14:47, white play bishop G5, and magnus plays H6, I want to know why he doesn't play bishop captures on E4 instead?In some countries such as Russia and Iran the word that is used for bishop literally means an elephant.Welcome to the area where you can have beautiful creations without limit.Xem, like, comment u !And I can already answer texts while watching YouTube, its called draw over other apps.Love the humor and editing.Given a1 1, we knowa1 1 01a3 -1 11a5 1 101a7 -1 111a9 1 1001This alternates.And the pictures of kids, especially him clutching that little girl in the end of the pics is heartbreaking.Don't know if would work but if sub was internally weighted and suspended on fishing line prior to pouring resin.

The pencil does not align with the dowels, even though all 3 holes are aligned.For example, after the first iteration, we have an L shape.I wonder if placing the front wheels "inside-out" would lower friction from the rail due to some air squeezing between wheel's side amd the rail.2029: Albus Severus Potter and the Return of Voldemort.And two minutes later Shad explains just this.Your Dog also looks sad due to Kramnik's retirement.Do NOT come back with another scenario response where you know both tree counts.Great video, much work out into making this, keep on doing this.

In the alternative scenario.Or is it device for big children to print favourite toys from childhood?I just looked up fort Dade and it’s a 57 min drive from my house I live in Summerfield Fl.Magnus is trying so hard to make psychological pressure, he is trying to behave kind of easy and relaxed, and without embarrassment.May be Carlsen had a deja vu today when he thought of his WC match against Karjakin.Anyway, this is just a theory, my theory.

Daniel Berube

Awesome video!!!OSHA would have never approved your lighting issue but it helps with the presentation.Great job and beautiful table


I really wish Sasha to win the following Candidates. He would be a great contender to Carlsen. And also, he would not be without chances.


Hey Jerry! You still got 3 stars for the one you missed. I think it gave you 99% because of the "Combat" one where for some reason you got 2 stars. Nice video!

mark Lennin Medina

Kamukha nya c Bea Aonzo

Luke Miller

Did black miss nxd6 at 22 37

Baptiste Bauer

"agadmator's dog" lmao xD

Samuel Nadar

What isgoing to do


"Too weak, too slow."- DrDunkenstein

The Antitheist

Beautiful work, I prefer the darker one, personally :)

Baljit Singh

Vishy is to chess in India what Tendulkar is to cricket in India.Keep up Vishy.

Masihur Rahaman

The video is great. I have a request. Can you please discuss some middle game strategy of london opening and King's Indian Defence. I face lot of difficulties in middle game in these openings( specially the latter one).


13:11 instead of rookc8 to b8Why not rookc8 to c6Take the queen

Travis B

You know whats awesome?That people created this kind of stuff without machines.That's bad ass.