Famous Chess Game: Sergey Karjakin vs Viswanathan Anand

A "great master"!Compared to roundabout it replaces three traffic merges with two crossing and one merging, which makes traffic stop in two places.Reminds me of "The Great Chess Movie".I am sure, after this game, the grandmaster will stop his chess career.At 8:48 I saw a ball of light dash down to the ground.Thanks for sharing.

I have a 20-sided dice, a completely

I have a 20-sided dice, a completely

This x or cross could just be a square could be much better.The children hv xp fucker bith.Wowgood job Good luck.No one I read or watch on youtube annotates as well or as interesting as Tal, Bobby Fischer or Kingscrusher.I love running big cast iron sleeves.Next game: non-premium player.To me "Pebbling a Chessboard" sounds like a really dirty euphemism.Would you say "god loves all this children equally"?

Wait, nooo, come

Wait, nooo, come

Jerry laughed that relieved some burden of my life.Simply incredible!What a beautiful door bravo.Awesome work man.If you are rated below 1800, stick with the normal folding boards with scratch marks and uneven squares.This is what the world needs more of.Nakakaiyak nman ang istoria na ito sobra ganda.We learnt a slightly different way.

Was I the first

Was I the first

"those who study the bullet game is stupid" JUST A JOKE.Alekhine is my most favourite player, alongside Kasparov.How old is the little gypsy?That just happened"Love it.Sports, politics, music and everything.Who knows how to get better playing chess?I’m sure I have memories of video rental vans coming around the streets in the late 80s (South Wales, UK).

The curlers are from Korobov.Dude is a beast!Fuck, clearly wasn't looking properly.Please more games for Mikhail tal.I have a much better understanding and am looking forward to employing this new found understanding in my own musical creations.Can you get this crystal blue risen at lowes or home depot?

Keep up the good

Keep up the good

Sou mais meu 8boll poll kk.0 and the center has a higher pdf, with a cone defining the probability density function over the plane, with the peak of the cone sitting above (0,0).-"Pot's only $12,400.Great teaching Sir.Taking leaves you at their mercy.


Firouzja will be next champion, mark my words. Magnus is an absolute beast but time will do it's thing and Firouzja will take over at some point.


Aronian gets "THE SMACKDOWN"!

David White

A tip orienting which side of the board started as white and which is black will definitely help players observe the endgame properly. Know that observing an endgame position without having played through the game may be bewildering.

Just. Another. Black. Shadow. 13

Listening to this while reading Harry Potter

Sanskriti Jain

Mam how to change lazy mind to study mind

Lazy !

dam why would he do that !


That's cool, the game itself took exactly 1 minute to be played, the seconds 2634 or whatever

Shannon Casey

What kind of paint is used?


when i see comments like "anyone can be this good with enough practice!"oh you poor envious fools, stop hurting yourself

Timothy Morrison

Inspired by backgammon

Robin Syl

1:10 is it just me or is the distance between 2,2 mil and 9 mil a tad bit to small?

Till Tronje

Could you do a video on the servants of the ents? The ones who were stationed around Isengart and Helm's Deep during the battles?


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John Grey

Why did you photoshop Murali's teeth? That's just not natural!

Alice C

did he say himself was lazy and dumb or the opponent? what happened?is it because his oppeont escaped with a queen side castle or did he do something bad

Web Designing Trick

hello, can be youtube friend ?


Guys, I have just found a non-trivial zero of the zeta function! Its value is 0,4992,019i. Iam not kidding.


This is the first time I heard a black man committing such gruesome crimes like these besides oj and kinda getting away or less time served for it

Kyle Boffa

Why is it not enough to prove that the complete graph on 5 vertices is non-planar?