Famous Chess Games: Baze vs Palmer

This cant happen -.The black pieces are paied actors.Wow, that was very tense and exciting!With regard to beer people drank a drink called Small Beer’ a VERY mildly alcoholic drink which was drunk at meals and you’d have to drink around a gallon to get drunk!Andrew Tang is really good.Escalni va ser historia y Messi sin ser figura va a ganar un mundial vengo del futuro.

It's like yeah let's just watch him talk about chess all day, he will get crazy eventually and end up dying.Superb work, it would certainly make games even more pleasurable!My main goal will be chess pieces."And then do something clever"Looses iniciative in next Carlsen's move.Hats off to him.Can I get a link from both of these gentlemen's in CoD.

Beautiful Board.

Beautiful Board.

The puzzle at 12:30 is quiet stupid - and so is the solution.Also wonderful use of the English language, a rich vocabulary.I mistook this for a graystillplays video.Sad that Antonio has changed overnight.What a great video some cracking ideas making things a lot easier.At the ceremony as we celebrated the first place winner.Slow down a bit John.Why is fly guy chillin on the left side of your face?The 28's killed him right after this interview!

Finally, something worth the time to watch.I'd like you to make a video about NB mate."Thank goodness," he said, "because I just hung a rook.This kids is amazing.Please keep up the fantastic work.I have so many questions about it I don't even know where to start.There's no point in moving in a shape of L.

5:05 its Blood Spatter.

5:05 its Blood Spatter.

Use algebraic notation for all pieces thanks.  This would be a godsend for a science teacher.Thank you for the time and effort, it means a lot!I was looking to buy a cheep plane and Home Depot sells a no.We're all well aware that Africa was before known as the Isle of Man.It is a gem for the learners.The video is called 'Amazing Woodworking Skills'.

We merely adopted dad jokes, this

We merely adopted dad jokes, this

Can you please share a link where to buy?Looks like a Chop saw or RAS blade.I think they have actual rules for that play maybe.I'm a chess novice but my name is also Maurice so does some of his skills rub off on me?This is always gonna make me cry coz my little sister died and she loved this soundtrack so much But she loved the masive bit at the end of it.

A6 avoiding f41:22:35 b benoni symmetric english1:28:20 w ruy lopez1:46:01 b weird benoni without c42:06:12 w slav with 3.8:01 got me off guard lmao.Use a product called slump buster to stiffen it up.Should of used metallic epoxy.Would have been better if less music.Nd spcL tnX 4 addnG diZ.You talk to much.Cheating commiee.Very cool trap, but what if knight does not take rook but instead white kasteles after Qc6?I would shop there myself with my now deceased father!

Stephen Lloyd

lol that anvil is worth more than my car, love the knife!

Niel Agi

The futur logo cost them 73k dollars.


I guess our votes dont make a difference since he started posting Karpov videos

Cole Enocks

awesome explanation, it went deep down into the soul... lol. i have a question please, how do i make this game real-time in a virtual machine and sort of use bash tomanage the scores of each players on a leader board. thank you.

Gary Ortolano

Yeah...I'm sure GLAD this isn't one of your normal "instructional" videos,Eric. lol.


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Finally...I can sleep again


It is just a Metal and overrated

John Richards

Newcomers to Mozart, skip ahead to 12:57. This will take you to the second movement, with its achingly beautiful theme played on the clarinet. Only seven minutes long, it transcends the centuries to find us common ground with this composer.For many, this performance could serve as an introduction to Mozart. The music's apparent lightness carries within it deep wells of emotion, all expressed with the utmost fluency and subtlety. The result is magnificent.To some, this passage might at first seem overly simple. And that misperception gives rise to a famous truism about Mozart: His music is too simple for beginners and yet too complex for virtuosos. When this starts to make sense, congratulate yourself for having found our closest connection yet to the infinite.

schmuck Norris

Nitinol, itll compress in cold and expand in heat, but I'm sure they thought that already

terry lunga

I think noone can teach you chess. You are born with those traits


Very complex

Numero Uno

Love your chess knowledge helping me see lots more thankyou agadmator

Just Ryan

2x speed

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Agadmator from the future sent me here :)By the way, I agree that you should give us some more end-game analysis videos!