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Please post more videos.Some can explain to me.Very good video!Won't watch anymore,or subscribe.You are soo very good at chess traps and planning.It scares me how you can write so fast and perfectly the code without errors.Try to minimize your talking and action more.

-5:05 btw what

-5:05 btw what

I used 14" oak for some nice small boxes, but I finally settled on 316" plywood from Home Depot as my usual choice.Com, whatsapp number: 86-13612982050.Spend 300dollars in a 80 dollars pc u sr are a genios.These doors are beautiful !Hss m42 carbide blanks.

Why didn't caruana took the

Why didn't caruana took the

Ging L Nin Kit vy :).He'll now put China in the map.Why shouldn't the king take the rook at17:21?Do I even wanna know how expensive this board is?Bro make a video on how to learn morse code.

What I also noticed was that there are no chess pieces that actually move in three or four dimensions at once in these games.Give it to the mc hypixel community so that they can use it for UHC.I found it by accident, while looking for some good, RWD tutorial, and stayed for longer watching your other videos :) You can easily explain a lot of things in a simple video.Too much talking, lol.A lot of us here was doing work with this playing in the background then suddenly wanting to burst into tears at a particular tune.Zion has to earn it too.Any chess video with Ben is a good chess video.

I thought you were like 5'10''.Made me feel better about how often I need to deviate from a plan and adjust to the circumstance.Daniel Negreanu v.Because kids trust their parents most."Anyway, that's it for the moment.Lol this was the where the game came from - .For an item that small, you probably would not need to bury it in the charcoal, making it easier to retrieve for quenching.

Yash Atishay

volume bro!

Rakesh Mehra

Did they really get 5k? Or are they joking?

Ben's 3d Printing Channel

Wow! that camera view is perfect! good Job! (whoever was filming)

Frank Jeffers

Why didnt you TIG the gear on instead of braze? I guess in case you want to take it apart... but then you could just machine it off i suppose... anyway, last time i machined anything was 30 years ago... great stuff!

Kamera Wolfe

Moe like no joke I live in a haunted house

zoran budecevic

DJole ovo je ya tebe.

rikoafpriyanto irnha

Saya paling gk suka maen catur tegang gty ya haha

Emily Nelson


Henk Knol

Hey there Chris very good video and great work again!! Vice city wasn't that from grand theft auto? I believe so but hey I am 42 haha not my type of thing I do more with welding and metalworking , hope to see you soon in the new video see yah


Literally just starting to learn how to play chess and I never thought I would find stand up comedy at the same time! I was laughing so hard at some of his jokes and the comments from his (fans?) viewers as well.

Cheryl Hannah

Love your channel... you are adorably hilarious...!!! lol

Drex Ferguson


Amirudin Mohamed Ghani

Not nice. It is a symbol of pride for the Japanese. Similar like 'forging someone parent's wedding ring from junk' it didn't sound right.


Beating your child is not a good disciplining method, I was a child of this discipline method and did nothing for me!


Not a chess player, but here is my answer:Qxf6 exchange sacrificeBxf6 (or else black will either lose by Qg7 or the queen by ...Qxf5 Qxf5)Ne7 forking queen (d5) and king (g8)Any king moveNxd5

Dimitri Tallnova

When you watch GlamGore too much and you thought Eugene was gonna say "Alexa, play Careless whisper."

Nor Nor

Zing .1608

Sai lm s 1Tng e5 :)

Raj Khan

thank a lot god bless u

Vernon Himes

You explain the game chess in 11 minutes and 57 seconds very well done

kaye gonzalez

Oh i miss playing checkers

Rabie HR dz

Michael Pisciarino

(1) 4 center squares 0:29 Center Control(2) Piece development 1:20(3) Protect your King by castling 2:18

Ramaram Choudhary

He had face the loss of what the bag worth and plus the 1000 rupees which he earned not at all .


what program is he using?