Exploring Planets Outside the Solar System - In Search of Alien Planets in the Universe Documentary

For some reason, the cube just doesn't move at all.I am satisfied that in 2020 we have several types of fasteners to choose from.Does anybody know who TheWarning is?I had to turn the volume off to watch it peacefully.Why couldn't use just baking powder?Each player should wear 2 cameras on their head so we can see more angles.That was a lot of fun.Another engineering perspective would be that the purpose of these joints other than being aesthetically pleasing is that they dont involve the same structural weakness point of those that only involve the usage of screws and bolts?

It is simple, effective and cheap (and

It is simple, effective and cheap (and

So when bxRf1, Qxbf1 then there is no mating.It can sense of feel the connections or brain thoughts, or even if your friend had said your name I could of picked it up, even if you were thinking your name when you asked that.Many of the Tal games you see in which he plays like a "magician" are against low rated opponents that put him in the position to allow such moves.My only problem is that the bulb is encapsulated.Talk about a useless thing to do.

"its nice to be white"- Eric Rosen.What about the idea.Especially if they are not white then we are considered racist.I love the Ratings, additions like this and the "and from this point upon its a completely new game" just keep making your channel better and better.This vid made me laugh.Great idea, and a lot of work.

  So instructional and entertaining.What I learned from this though, is that if the system is powering on and you're getting the green PSU and motherboard power-ok LED, why not go straight to the RAM modules next time?Definitely using this next time.John should have his own YouTube channel.This chess trick is fantastic!If Norbes didnt touch his BM he coulda waited to whoop his ass.Eugene's one and only weakness: affection.Ben when is Yasser going to show up and party with you at the club?Well good afternoon guys.Thank you for that.

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i'm 2 years or so lateto this video, but i gotta say. 26:22 is probably the funniest part of this video to me. your delivery with jokes and telling us information is stellar, it makes for an awesome video. i really like how you include humor, too- i have the worst attention span and yet i was hooked watching this (i'm not even a machinist either lol). wonderful video!

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I tried so many times but it is not coming perfectly


I suggest that the opening being discussed, or in other words the stronger or winning side of the opening or plan being discussed should be on the bottom.I like this video, but I dislike flipping the board...Thanks Mato, you are great!

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eu quero

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You deserve loads more subs for these synched videos.


lol grookey was the first one I found before he mentioned it

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4:42 Happy Texan Independence Day


Despite the hype it wasn't an impressive match. In fact Short's defense in game one was the best thing. Then in one game he played as if he was drunk (and if you cant sleep that is how you play). So it was exciting but the chess not very deep by either side.Not very convincing. And Kasparov knows he is really "rusty" as they say. To be impressed by Kasparov you have to see his match games from the mid 80s to the early years of the 21st Century.

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I woke up to hear someone watching something and I started laughing when I heard Gary Ridgeway. That one was about his wife who had no clue lol


I hope you don’t loose the human factor for live shows ... otherwise why not sequence it

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