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They're lightweight, beautiful, thin, have a glossy screen (which to me is a need, I like vibrant screens) and the battery is great.Java script coding is very similar to python.I look forward to watching more of your videos!So funnygood one too!A coughing tournament?The dad of the child and I were laughing because it was hilarious to see.

Hi moe i am a young medium and I pick up energy especially from urideas ofc.2:45: why not moving the king and next move checking with the queen on a4?Who is the "WE" that created all the things in our daily lives, Michio?Says he’s gonna lose, ends up winning, only Eugene.That's 6 granola bars!Is this that turner guy from four corner?

He only won 3 out of 4.

He only won 3 out of 4.

Eric is like Harry and Marv from home alone in one face, so hikaru( aka Kevin) always set traps for Eric and Eric get into it and then bamboozle.Hey I'm trying to get the barest of necessities something that can do a little bit of everything.Really, in my opinion, the most simple way to solve this.Coo veneer work!I have seen the 9 dot before (had me stumped for a while).Am I the only one who thinks the thumbnail is supposed to be balls?Instead of screaming, Just be quiet, wait and talk lower. I'll give lichess tactics a shot.Robertsonsquare drive screws are not all that rare in America, not sure where you get your information.It's great that we can see and listen to the strongest player of all time on a regular basis.

I think Carlson is arrogant.

I think Carlson is arrogant.

I heard yes yes no i don't know.Very well done and thanks for sharing.After that, you can show "no respect".Whats your secret mo?Another great build, Neil.

5 % 2"We should have some kind of

5 % 2"We should have some kind of

Xoriginal pile a pile after 15 of the pile was taken from x b pile after 15 of the pile was taken from ac pile after 15 of the pile was taken from bd pile after 15 of the pile was taken from ce pile after 15 of the pile was taken from d((x-(x.Very interesting.At 12:23 the bag is moving on his own and both didn't saw it.I know how the prices move but my opening suck and I keep losing :(.Does anyone know if this is good for programming with unity?After the checkmate the other player said "did chess master told you to sacrifice the queen?

Magnusisapoorplayer is probably lawrence trent.

Magnusisapoorplayer is probably lawrence trent.

Ye pakad 500 rupay.We see his spirit hovering over us in each game!What is the 22:10 ?RxeThat makes the black queen relevant to offense and (probably later, defense).What adapter is used on the spraycan?Man, I eventually come back to this video, i love your work and i love the song that starts at 00:52, what's the song name?Monkey down below is what they used to call Dave in his old college days.

"Vishy:"I would like to quit this game".Map2D function () var scaleX focal (focal this.Zarur try karungi, kaisa bhi bane but try to karna hai.Nothing big without small.It is a rule of esthetics, which is not a written rule, obviously.This check-mate in beggining was literally one od the best things I’ve seen in my chess-life :D.1:37 pm 250-12020.

Why not Qa4 at 7:40.

Why not Qa4 at 7:40.

dividing into four pairs, how you are sure that each pair is divided with a charged and uncharged."Try DollarBrite.Bravo excellent travail!How do you know what settings to use and what filler?1:36:41 the moment i have been waiting for whole life.The part where you poured the epoxy and the beat dropped was perfectly timed.Move and turning point of the match.Geechi caught a body.There's no way that 1394 player deserves that rating.

Jose Daniel Nuez

Hi! Can I recommend your video in my viking blog?

Pierre Montz

I am very distracted by how pretty she is that all I am able to concentrate is staring at her face.

Mitchell Williams

I though that the queen’s gambit was an aggressive opening.Would you explain the queen’s?

yusef alcamachi

Ive Another Quetion.Does it works for Fischer Chess too?

what is my name?

he could move his king to c6 in the sketch

Hunter The status

Bro register Panna mudiyala

Zozef Saitis

Harry Potter for ever

Paul McGuinness

Excellent work as always. Intrigued by the method you used to get the loops for the top and bottom by having cuts and different depths and then cutting through them laterally with the table saw. Genius.

Arjun D Nair

2:26:57 low battery . . low battery .


6:36 why is Rc8 necessary? isntead of  Qd5?

Mahesh Sharma

i thought gold is some kinds of rock with in heavy pressure

Shazzy Fez

Who else feels bad for the dude eating the debunked food


at 6:16 u said the white queen would be hanging if pawn took the black horse but theres a horse protecting it so he would be offering a trade


My memory of the 8 track era is seeing miles of tape along side the road from people tossing them out of their car widow in frustration

Granny mama

Amazing is all I can say.....

Arpit Patel

Fantastic game showing pawn powers Helpless Queen Rook.

josh major

I was about to ask about the 5-axis machine but then you answered my question Lol I wanna see the 5-axis work!!

Typical Seneth

i really really like it!!!


The first games are hilarious, especially the reactions

Dirk den Hooglander

Respect! :)

John Nascimento

How much epoxy resin was used? EcoPoxy - Liquid Plastic (1, 8 Liter - 1:1 Ratio Mix) Price: $268.49 FREE Shipping Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!