EVOLUTION of CYCLOPS in MOVIES (2000-2019) X-Men Dark Phoenix Cyclops movie scene 2019 cyclops death

I am sure the table turned out great but I could not continue watching someone who shows others how to not do it safely.Question: Why didn't you just put them back the way they came apart?So we can watch the team leaderboard progress during the games.Jediking12thats intersting i never rememberd that so the way he looks in movies 4,5,6,7 and 8 are all correct.Looks like you could scrape the heck out of the back of your legsankles when getting out of bed!I have send you 7th times still not a single one is in ur channel.

There are a couple of illusions that I think you may end up experiencing - one is that I fully understand this type of an endgame, and two that you fully understand this type of an endgame.I wonder if you can cover this strange phenomena :when implementinglim xx 1 asx-0 "as x approaches 0" to proof 001, can you explain the strange occurrence in whythe result decreases when x is between 0.Using a cylinder, with pointed or round ends (guaranteeing you don't land on an end) is the easiest way to get a fair die of any number of sides.Luv from South Africa.

Great tutorial thanks I learned how to play chess.Ben you are a genius!Which is the good chess app.I love ur tricks bro!0:39 anyone explain please!Queen e8 was mate also in second position when he block check with queen to f6.The contrary, you put my mind at ease.And if so, does anybody know the origin of this rule?Seems you played the toughest your best.Its like an electronic Trivial Pursuit in console form, or PlayStation 2 game Buzz, voiced by Jason Donovan.

Great commentary and i liked how Mato didnt go of into the infinite permutations of each move but kept the game flowing- easier for a 'occasional' player like myself to follow, cheers!Sure, he forces black to waste a couple of moves, but with a closed center, there's hardly any advantage to be gained from that.Once I was with my mom my dance partner and I and so my mom thought our flight was at 8am but it was at 8pm so we hade to stay at the airport for 5-6 hours but tbh it was really fun playing roblox for that long.Rice GANG GANG BANG.It's like they don't want to show how to make it but also wants to show how to make it.Lord Voldemort (as always), Professor Quirell, Lucius Malfoy, and Trevor (who never liked music, being a toad).I saw it and was like "haha imagine if he placed his bishop there" then he did.These guys really loves baits XD.Very nice trick sir.Thanks for the videoTry using polystripperWorks great and with waterBetter than spraystripper.

Tienes el pegamento serrado.The arguments I found about the globe were so weak and unimaginative that I noted that NASA first said one thing, then they changed and said just the opposite, and it lost my belief that they were telling the truth.Amazing so brave game.9:58 'aww yeah'just asking: any studio c fans hereif no, then just ignore what I said.The Problem here is that there was always better technology BUT there is no compatibility.

The soul consciousness to desire this and that are the cause of pains in this world.Chess is a good way to kill time at the laundromat.Can you please tell me on which platform does i need to workout this main.Aizenberg, Benny Fed Std.Nu 3:04 trng vua f1 th sao anh.This is actually not fair for Black.

Sl4ck 020

If it was for a gaming table It would’ve been so cool

Marilyn du Kek

Worst capetonian accent. Dis net"djy" nie djulle" or "djou" nie-- Daaisnoordkaapse aksent

The Fox

Wood would be a better choice, but it's still really cool.


I do make my own coffee from grinding beans. Unfortunately, I can't find a manual grinder and use an electric powered one. The only way I can make coarse ground beans is by only powering the grinder in short bursts. I also use what's called a French press. It's a glass cylinder with a screen on the plunger. I put the ground beans in the glass, add hot water, wait 5-10 minutes, then push the plunger down and pour a cup of coffee. I do not like instant coffee and don't like to use finely ground beans as they clog up the screen. I also like my coffee to be strong black coffee and don't use cream or sugar. I do like your YouTube channel and how you restore antique things and have been subscribed for quite awhile. I also get notified when you post another video.

Hoss Cartright

Amazing work. True craftsmen.

akhilesh maind

Also please cover vishy anands TATA STEEL BLITZ triumph !

Donald Newman

What's ahi's twins name

maxim schoofs

hmm ruy lopez we meet again...


Chu oi co may khong lo ma danh voi le quang liem thi ai win vay chu

Exploring With Ben

The scarier and creepier is always the best to go to Moe! Forgot about this place honestly, added to my long bucket list of places to film

Caillou YTP


padma baswara

non weight reilef solid body.... but its okay......i like your works...maybe next time please make one with chambered body or modern relief body

bazigar Naik



Very nice vent system. You'll get some degree of natural convection from that design as it will never be exactly the same temperature from one side to the other. A simple solution (to address melickon's concerns) is to create a draft channel in the bottom at each end with some rectangular duct or PVC and put some creatively contrived air openings in that front base trim. Great design overall with the storage space.

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My dad was a perfesional chess player w ho goes to tornaments and tought me how to play

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he wants to put rook into her open file hahahahhhahahaha I'm dying oh God ahhahaaha


you should be allowed to slap your opponent once during the game

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It’s scary that this clown has supporters.The county can survive 4 more years of trump but this guy will destroy it.


A rotating base below these round boards would be a neat feature. Someone could then use it as a center piece display.

creative Lalit

Bhosdi k


the knight is not being attacked with b4.


Any more History vs? Been a while.

jayant dasgupta

Actually thinking out of the box is a known solution but to spend time for the problem solving is the main issue. We all want quick easy solution. There is no shortcut.

Nax Sis

Imagine if this guy can't imagine.


This Maghsoodloo sucks. Fell for the same stupid shit that Alireza did the other day with the poison pawn. You would think these GMs know better.