Gotta love Capablanca games.I tried that with my friend but he blocked the king with his knight.Or you have to move the king?If you don't believe, look what they did at Tienanmen Square.$295 is more like it but it is very well made.Almost feel bad for the guy.Always puts a smile on my face.

I am hoping to give Gregg a foreign cousin very soon.We're on a marble in a universe where 99% of what is manifest is plasma.Wow never seen carlsen being so savage.Does anyone else see it?That is really cool.I don't really get this: 26:31, if you eat pawn with queen I'm not even looking at the best black move but if you move your king to g8 I don't see any winning plan, he just says he resigned but I don't see how to continue!How is this new?

You move incredibly fast wow!So what does this tell Alice?Great analysis, as always.That was a blunder.Great piece, I was hoping you would polish it.

As x can have 2 values of the quad eqn.For example in German TV Vlastimil Hort was one of the moderators to accompagny the broadcasted chessgames.You are taught wrong unless you make it to college.7:24 who said only Knights can be excellent blocking pieces?The Lionel Richie album is called 'Can't Slow Down', but the tape is clearly running a bit slow.18:49 Oooh mamma miaa.What if I don’t have hair on my arms?Soooo did we notice that neither Zach or Eugene made any effort to get the other to leave the handcuffs for the entire eveningnight that they spent together?I want to get CORONA VIRUS !

I don't know if

I don't know if

0625 inch cutoff wheels.RIP good storytelling.No matter what happened anak ay anak kahit ano pa mga kalagayan nyan d dapat isuko.Oh and the deep dive was good too.I went to school with caruana, i was in chess club with him, i remember him beating the teacher all day.And I like how the pieces are designed indeed.Me, a level 0 chef: First, you go to burger king.Who did it better?So too should chess rapid coverage stick with one game.I loved it so much.

Your title game is on point Agadmator, and it has been on point for a long time now.I think this format is better than the one with timing !This deduction process is called "Common Knowledge".Naruto teach dat move kagibunshino jutsu(shadoq clone jutsu.Who's up at 4:30 am on a Tuesday playing chess lol.


The first problems "solution" is terrible, it doesn't test anything. You're presenting a pattern of dice and then going "well actually..." and proceed to present an obscured anwser to a problem that had otheriwise had a copleatly logical solution. Not only that but also the solution presented here only works with english language therfore it's not suitable for testing people (at least not when there is no clear indication that the soultion to the problem is in english).

Tuan Dao

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Salmon Salad

Why at 12:52 would black not move castle to F8?


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I have no interest in tool/die or milling metal. But u sir, can make any story fun. I subscribed for the antics... thank you for a good time.


Might buy two of them. Put a camber on one and keep the other one straight. Maybe then after that make "proper" handles for them.

Nestor Garcia

What does Jerry mean by "Though you may try to count more, a cat's legs are still four"?

Box Smasher

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Tsavorite Prince

The name might be supposed to reference the original Bishop called the Elephant which' range is very short.

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What about Nc3 in the end?!?!

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Wonderfull music !


If it's not A recommended move what is ? And does it achieve victory faster ?

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It’s actually the area from x=0 to x=1, that’s equal to e, I’m pretty sure

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3:49 doesn’t that count like you are using a diferent digit? I mean you are using the square root so is like you are using a 2

Gloria Lopez



13:14 is that a fernet bottle? nice argentinian reference

Samrat Raj

I'm glad Magnus brings up my point. Chess.com really needs to work on the game dynamics. Lichess's games are much more fluid and smoother than chess.com's.


Bro when You are uploading videos I feel very happy