Europe VS North America | THE REMATCH with commentary by GM Aman Hambleton

Gameing sucks anymore now days.That might work never needed to try it yet but just an idea.Can John be the fifth try guy?

I'm new to woodworking.I guess you need a maths degree to be able to add arbitrary numbers to various parts of equations and get away with it.The trap at 27:00 is called the Elephant trap if people need more info, you can look it up on google :) i've used this in tournaments twice so far :) By the way, great speech 15:00 to 21:00.It's too bad kids are not interested in making things today.

Russia '17 chess.

Russia '17 chess.

Rensch is such a joke of a human being.The most best music that i have heard.13:46 manichettan.You have all taught me a lot.I have always loved this theme but now it's hitting me completely different as i am in the worst times of my life, have been contemplating suicide, but hanging in there for my parents sake.The is an amazing exercise, thanks!Achilles94627 agree :) !

I won one of them with checkmate

I won one of them with checkmate

A great build indeed.Another great lesson!Never realized it was too easy.There will be different kinds of chessplayers born out of this new meta.It's not actually played in 2634s, there's a small delay each time the clock changes the player.Hi Jerry, what mic are you using?

Epoxy doesn't make anything look good.This seems like something a geometry dash hacker with 2 subs would do.Well I own a jigsaw hammer and a few screwdrivers.I am trying to implement this game using the p5js library but am stuck at the rotate() function.I like watching your videos but, most of the answers for your videos are just, "Down" is the term we use for something top to bottom, so if down was up then we would just call up, down.Stop making us fool and instead of telling to learn the formula, try to tell how actually we reached to that formula.

Hayden Knapp

I put all of the magnets on it I don't know how to send it to you

Mazarene Prescott

He bodied her

Grant OM

I never found out how the game ended, could never get past like the third mission in any of the story-lines. Loved the space sim though, once took out three romulan warbirds, was a proud day

Sammi and Lilith

Anytime I hear anything about Zach’s health I’m like If anything happens to Zach I will kill everyone in this room and then myself


dat middle finger point tho

Leslie Craig

This guy is a monster.

Peter Fairclough

Isn't just like the time when there was swine flu, there was a vaccine within a few months no big deal.


So much great information. Thank you!

chales dor

Winee lying English baastards

Enoch Arts

7:54 me when I get into a fight with a girl


I now see that a King/Knight/Bishop checkmate is not only possible, but simple.In real life I'll never be able to pull it off.


You kind of look like Tingle from the legend of zelda.

NTX9 Design

Joel, This seems like the kind of project that might be suited for a maker space rather than individual home users. Do you know of any groups in the PNW that have set up plastic grinders and or filament extruders?


This was great, defiantly can't wait for part 2A few tips, you can probably find a way to mount a shop vac up to your belt sanding jig, it won't get all the epoxy dust but should help if you can get it close enough Also with the glass layer of the bottle, you could try mineral spirits to help see how thick it is. It'll make the epoxy more translucent without sanding so it might be a help so you can see the thickness betterLast sanding it down to a shinier finish would probably really help make the final productCant wait to see the continuation :)

Eric Ballesteros

Kawawa naman sya hnd nya alam ang tunay na magulang

Niko Yochum

19:48 if you capture with the lose the king

Chris Cole

Wth was he released the FIRST time?!??

Ninnifier O.o

I found the Qb8 move taking the Rook with tempo. That wasn't satisfying to find :)

Himanshu Tahiliani



How we've progressed. You could say... in a circle.... ba dom tsssh.

Prakash Western

Nice movie.

Jakob Birkelund

3:14 uffffffff