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White Elephant (G7), the black King (E8).A 16-year-old beating Carlsen, even if Carlsen was a bit off, is a huge result for him.Considering they had to use materials that can withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations, something tells me the invented a lot more than just tires to make that rover operational.

Thank you a lot. I think I may try epoxy and polish it over paint, or use epoxy with some color.A new beginning was originally used in Order of the Phoenix as "The Kiss".Beautiful bench build buddy!Waxing your balls and hanging them on a tree, very festive.The hardest part was figuring out the measurements but was able to get most of them because you marked out distance on your work tables.It can be generalized for anything.Doesn't make you any less of a maker.So many epic games and so many good memories.

Fuck I don’t know, or maybe it’s

Fuck I don’t know, or maybe it’s

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is that motherbord from 2040 because it looks like

sora roxas


Ghaura Mahabaduge

I see lot of people blaming on this guy since he introduced for 5 minsI mean it’s worth it

P Sells

Thanks for this. Nice game to see - easy to understand and I got 2/3 of the puzzles (or however many it was) - just didn't see Rxb7. It looks like my theoretical acquaintance in the Open Spanish is out of date because I haven't seen this line before where White just never seems to play Re1. It feels like Arkhangelsk sorts of stuff, so not that different, I guess - probably transposing sometimes.

Kingjohn Lanip

tuloy mo lang yan te

Pete the feet

Nice Job ... enjoyed watching . thankyou

Esaii Taylor

What hardware was used on the drawers?


hour 44 finished, another 2 hours to guys better not rick-roll me here.


The comments on this video are really entertaining to read through.


XD it was funny but you should not allowed to interact with kids XD

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Bias. Halatang nanalo ang SLU

Manu Raghavan P V

damn he's like dr. strange

susmitha yachamaneni

nice video


If you want to use sketchfab models, there's a sketchfab importer addon