Ethereal 12 Newly Released and CRUSHED by Stockfish 11! (Wait till You See Game 2!)

If you or any of the subscribers can find and send the game it will be awesome!Yes he can and he gonna beat the hell outtasleepy Joe andcrazy Bernie.Thank you for that.Anyone can became a better chess player by only watching your videos and do the same things as you said,I became a 1700 rated player from 1500 by following your rules,thank you sir.Kak vsegda vosxishaius vashimmasterstvom.Light doesn't only spread in all directions from the original source.

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Y quien gano al final?

Y quien gano al final?

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I'm the runt Those motherfuckers are hulking.

I'm the runt Those motherfuckers are hulking.

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I am a hobbyist when it comes to 3D printing.After the game, of course.Thank you for being on Earth and for your mission.Thank you man, you are amazing!That's asking for it.Another good left.Cool lighter but this music tho?It looks interesting.Click click click, boom, boom, boom, boom, fuck, i got smoked.

David Halstead

Tbh it looks like they play simple...

Jorge Luis

muito bom very good. Rsrsrsrs

Arnie workoholik

Great job

Al Coy

4.8k dislikes were people who bought the Hermes one.Also this video is so soothing, no music, no distractions, just a master with tools working at their craft.


I know I'm the only one but i miss Scotty Beam lol


You should totally do a video on how you went about making this cause I WANT to learn but im not gonna lie its a lot of stuff you got written here lol

Sanjay Goswami

superb explanation :) subscribed u r from ?


if only they had in-game action graphics (arrows to indicate plays/combinations etc.) like they do in football, soccer etc.And post-game analysis.


Fascinating aging video, eventhough I will probably never make this box.Video is clear and concise. Straight to the point. No "hey guys, wassup' followed by bullshit like in so many YouTube vids.I don't understand the huge amounts of dislikes: it's a beautiful result and if someone e isn't interested in it just move on. But then again....its a free country.Thanks for the vid


Bernie's drinking game.Everytime Bernie mentions a free government program,Chug Someone Else's Beer.


Awesome work..


very nice explanations. two thumbs up.