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Where's the RICHARDJWINTER bit and where's the bit where Eric throws the chair?Magnus is great too, but Magnus doesn't go for brutal wins.Great one, i thing all the tools are perfectly OK for each area of specialization of cutting.Awsm analysis sir.They should be santited.No need for the music.I think Bobby was pretty good.It screams: the world is on fire!

R stands for Raul.Very beautiful country!Im always gladif i find such nice tutorials like this.Morphy the Legend!I will never watch another video by this channel again.

You are so amazing, wonderful use space like that.Y el rey cuantos puntos tiene.This is an amazing recipe.I see 5 minutes so im like ok a quick vid.In 7:56 when he walked out I heard a voice I don't know if it's danny but I heard was,"wundakotan".By the way, nice build!I'm inquisitive.You only need to factor in parts for job needed and labor.I am watching this video from 2020 May 29.Thank you for sharing.

Me me me lol I’m into

Me me me lol I’m into

Me: Playing an actual game.Back a bit crook mate.Hello thank you I follow your tutorial and it is awesome.I hope for lab workers to find and get ready the cure soon and ship it globaly for any country where are infected people.Make it a series like chess 101.Specifically track.The thing I like about agadmator's Chess Channel is that he pronounces the names of Asians (especially Indian ) players rightly, unlike those western Europeans and American commentatorsAnd yes it really matters if someone pronounces your name correctly.


Remembering a position after reading it in a book 7 years ago?Not my useless brain...

Katie jackson

Lol rockstar freddy sure would LOVE this

Hemi Magnum

1961 camaro huh?

Wish to be Continuations

Keith's intensity is the best

Matheus Figuer

I wouldn't be able to use this as a cutting board, it's way to beautiful to ruin it with knives lol Great work, man!


Amazing video. You make a wonderful couple. So natural... even though we saw the out-takes!

Kanak Acharyya

Sir nice game

Helen ST

Music from another universe magical, wonderful and warm


What’s my boy doing in Antarctica tho


I like it. simple but effective as long as the mirror holds. but 200 is far too expensive.

wolsfer gaming

Moe satin is an indonesia ojenof the most popular gosth how i know cuz im from indonesia

Kayley Rusche

I have always wanted an Apple Pencil but I have never got one

Vicente Fonfria

Im a rookie in chess but i dont understand why he did not play the knight to c7 in 1:15


Dobbs is becoming very illogical in his old age..He once was somewhat better, while working for a better news organization.