Enfrentando Magnus Carlsen com 12 anos ( App PlayMagnus)

Of course i would one.It was awkwardly silent and creepy.Did you know the board itself tells the story creation from A1.Yes cuz women want to do shoppimg duh.I gave thumbs up.Yes, Video Compact Cassette sounds ironic 5:58 since the V2000 cassette is the biggest of the three home-use formats.Kinda amateurish.

Because they don't work to stop the spread of infection but they are wearing em tho.And that paper clip's name: Albert Einstein.I came here cuz my auntie put a suggestion for me.E5 bro, check mate!The best chess channel ever!Changing a needle is basically as easy as replacing the graphite on a mechanical pencil or a circle drawer.

And would do more with people to support his efforts elected to U.Be a doer and maker and you will eventually succeed - trying to avoid saying that you will never starve.I scored 10th right there :).Please Magnus get a good microphone.I thoroughly enjoyed watching you work.The limit u stop folding it is when the there are no more atoms end to end, so theoretically it’s not possible to infinitely fold the paper.This was fantastic.Send them to Texas, we are trying to put a drive thru for the death penalty.

And u too loud bro like what if

And u too loud bro like what if

Thanks for that, am grateful.Just saying thanks your analysis was very helpful and let me know what I should get for what I am trying to do.I didn't see white's continuation with moving the king closer.I read the title as "The myth of Loki and the toaster builder" and was mildly disappointed.White is going to win after promoting his pawn to Queen because black king is not going to catch white pawn.

I liked this video but this Jon dude has a weird head and face, I can't look at him!You stole that purple tie from the joker, huh?Nice table but the technique didn't win me over.Pay attention or pay time!Haha good stuff :).What a great game!Great tutorial, I'll definitely use it in my future projects!Bishop would take rook on f1 because pawn is no longer protecting it.I really appreciate your videos and your channel.

Brilliant game, thank you for all the insights as usual agadmator 3.Everything is excellent except for that man who comments like demon.Mine was a double wardrobe with two drawers and single wardrobe with drawers either side of a central drawer section, with space above to hang a TV from the wall.He sure gonna funny to listen.I love your music.

They clearly could’ve won.13:48 Is it just me or is that zero just made by putting in how much sand is lost by toppling into its corresponding spot on the grid?I love how Jerry can call out his own mistakes as he commentaries these games.I tried to play chess with this dude but he offered me pills and took me out of the matrix.Correction: (4:24) Dennis Ritchie was a co creator of UNIX, not Linux, back in the 70's at Bell Labs computer science research center.8% if you do the deaths against the amount infected numbers decreases when you use total cases with death rate 0.The unthreaded part of the screw is less than the thickness of the board, so the threads bit into the outer board.

But man this was beautiful to watch!

But man this was beautiful to watch!

The result:White.For this it was ALWAYS BET ON BLACK.Triangles or pentagons or hexagons rather than squares?Geechi's 2nd round rebuttal was insane!Thanks for all the work you put in, Agadmator!For myself, I don't like the fact that I'm stuck at 1650-1700 for such a long time.But that wasn’t played here.For this I have found gratitude most profoundly.


He's WEI too strong as YI can see.


Why are you not using the eventsystem for a healthbar? Would be the perfect place to show how that's done

Lionssky Blue

thanks for your help sir!

Deroi Stewart

Damn! Flip on drink champs! Never thought I see this. That's what's up!

Mars Wolf

Damn Magnus!!! He had the checkmate with pawn and rook in the almost last moment!!!

Frank Haubenreisser

In the first game, how can you not analyze 8. ...Nxg3? "And I assume if you take on g3 I'll play Kf4." It would have been nice to point out thata) 8.Ke3 was not a pawn sacrifice. If ...Nxg3 9. Kf4 is a double attack on the f-pawn and knight. The pawn can't be protected by moving the knight and thus will be recaptured.b) The best move for black in this position would (probably) be ...Nf1. Ne4 allows to play white to play 10.Kxf5 which he wants to do anyway. The result is an exchange of pawns, but the white king is now on the 5th rank, giving him a nice advantage (1)c) After 9. ...Nf1 10.Be2 attacks the knight, forcing Nd2 (g5 as Zwischenzug won't work, white can just take). If you take the f5 pawn directly, black can play 10. ...Ne3 and then take the c pawn afterwards, giving black the advantage.d) After 9.Nf1 10. Be2 Nd2 11.Kxf5 material is equal, but white's king is superior to black's. However, the advantage is small (0.5).Luv u bye


omg I love the mechanical hands so muchgives me major Factorio vibes


Bhai link toh daal de

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COMMON MOVE: Not trading pawns in the scillian

NotYou 2wo

Good luck to dem-turds, dem-idiots, dem-losing in 2020

AccelNano Lim Loong

Most of the time, when I cannot calculate a variation clearly, I will play a move randomly.....

Ben Parker

I 100% refuse to believe you can't reach the 5th row!That... no!It doesn't make sense!

Jake Kline's Fancy Noises

What I'd like to see is Fabi's face during the stare!

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Padre Patta

The right pronunciation of "fianchetto" is [fjan ketto] with the CH of CHianti and not the one in CHeese (and do not forget the the double T at the end):)