Endgame Exploration #1: A tricky pawn endgame

Love the light jab to the ghostbusters remake, can’t say he’s wrong about that haha.Ich meine die EU ist kein Nation.I play as well, but I consider myself a "Bootleg Musician!Ive never been to one of these events.

Where's the $250 ?

Where's the $250 ?

Clear your throat!So I'm green in this craft.Thank u so much.Negreanu is such a class act!Lol trashbrahs I beat you all easy money easy life Montreal tragedy baby.With rowcolumn 1 being virtually empty, there are no clones from which to inject new clones into rowcolumn 2, so it cannot be filled up either.Hey guys u r awesome and fantastic and also crazybut we love u allso i think i call u moe jo sargi keep going.

There was someone

There was someone

You changed my perception of chess when you had 25 seconds and said plenty of time lol.The way they were moving the pieces at the end was crazy fast, have never seen that before O.8:25 white bishop to d5 is forcing the queen.I need to take my stuff to the next level.Chess24, can you please buy a 500USD laptop with a good integrated webcam for Mr.How much do you buy and its cost?13:52 i've seen a mate in 2 bishop d3 king takes knigh them queen g3 its all forced.Well,the only one that matters anyway.Just out of curiousity - how much would a board like this cost?Other than that you make some awesome pieces.

Seriously, this video was outstanding.

Seriously, this video was outstanding.

If I would have had teachers like this instead of the ones I had.Can you make more axes.I am just learning how to really play chess.That would have made a great photo op, but probably would have distracted him.Thank you for your answeres.I looked at the chess personality quiz and Hikaru got technician which is positional, solid, intuitive, calm but on the chess personality site it sais he is a barbarian which is completely opposite of technician.I heard it downside stars.You are a true craftsman, just awesome.Let me just sat that I agree with Al Furtado.

The mother of all forks!If it binds inward then pull out and go again until it runs smoothly.I'd rather have MacOS nowadays than Windows 10.Ol' Toby--the finest weed in the South Farthing.The turkey is todoroki.In two consecutive years, he won the United States Chess Championship with a perfect score and has held the title eight times.Anyways well done as always.Geechi might 30-0 twork.Put a little umph in your tone for god sakes.Why would you play Sicilian when you are absolute noob?

Dlkk Ertder

First cool person to comment here

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In the answer to the chess problem...Black could sacrify his queen and capture the rook while it is on c3, thereby delaying checkmark by many moves (while hoping for a draw).

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I wonder how tight the tolerances are for a engine?

Mike Gill

Amazing!!!Very nice work.I wish I had 1/8th that talent.....

Maya Sarah

super cool


21:35 zugzwang on steroids

Sudhangshu Basak

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Malcolm Xavier

2:18 why?

Mike Nicolette

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Mao Bch

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Julio Velez

Looking forward to the new DGT boards with Bluetooth 5.0 and perhaps USB4

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Vikas CB

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