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Loosey goosey is a Sammy Farha reference.Reminds me of one of those folding French penknives.Amazing to watch chess with open strategy discussion and theory-free razor-sharp games.

I'll screen shot and show you.Hi I was looking around until I saw your review cause I was like 'has anyone uploaded a chess board review in the past couple years' lol but I was wondering if u can tell me how good this board is just by looking at it 100bucks.Naming the files and ranks is only necessary for theory or introducing rated play which beginners won't be doing for many months if not many years.Very beautiful workWoodturning - Mosaic Resin Vase - My first epoxy vase project -.Bruh these kids r so fucking annoying and the trash talk was weak.The answer to the bonus puzzle is e-1 since it boils down to 112161241120.

I'm sorry, but I find you are very incorrect about your tangent scenarios of "if you move this here, then move that there" then saying the game would be over if those moves were played.At 7:00 you grab your queen move it and finally play an other move!Sarcasm is the humoris the fire which you tickle my funny bone.Tolkien thematically represented "the technological revolution" as the source and rise of all that is evil in the world.Regardless, the person who gets it will have a treasure!Give formulas please.

42:40 I think that some games are worth putting them in a separate Voodoo.32:01 - Bc4 mate.Really liked your editing, especially the speed,.  DO YOU SELL THEM?Kasparov trolling with that opening.Ti thy b bnh lun i th hay hn.

Please continue.

Please continue.

Bright future for this young kid!Lot of money time can be saved, if such hand tools are developed by expert carpenters for their in house use.It is something I am passionate about and I like to share the things that have worked for me, because it took me a long time to figure them out.And then, the endgame, wow.Each make a dress for their significant other.

The things we value the most can't

The things we value the most can't

Not foot steps from the powder.I didn't even know Lichess had this function.Excellent planning.Great job Keith.They Are Too Cute, God Bless You Both And May The New Year Bring You Lots Of Joy And Love.Even though lost.

Trxilt Number Puzzle Game

Learn how to play the game called ' trxilt ' ! The game uses Rooks and Bishops. For 2 players, ages 4 to adult. Game time: 5 minutes. Download the game for free at the App-Store Apple. For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Enjoy !


Will never know they do not ship to the UK

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"Tim...outplayed his opponent until the very end when he played a losing move, but then his opponent played an even worse move, and Tim won the game."-pretty much how most of my games go (as though I were Tim).Thanks for that !!! :-)In all seriousness, I have thoroughly enjoyed many of the St Louis Chess Club videos, this one was no exception. Watching an IM comment while playing Blitz gives great insight! Thanks again so much for this!

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Sano Ol Lahat Ng My Cancer Is Always Thinking PositiveStayStrongAndPositive

shubhangi churi

Your cool ....please share if you'll ever play verses magnus


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How can I download particularly this chess game via playstore for Android phone..?

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I have no idea why i'm watching these videos. I don't even woodwork. But somehow im loving the videos.


To the people who keep saying the answer is 1, they're not asking for a solution to the expression, because it already tells you that the possible solutions are all squares. What they're asking is that you prove why that is always the case.

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A regular person's questions: is there life outside earth?Michael's questions: WhIcH wAy Is DoWn?