EATING: Donuts (ASMR/Eating Sounds)

I won't thumbs down it, but hopefully this is something you've already noticed or been told about and fixed in current videos.UK gov doesn’t want to cancel events as it will loose tax.If he go queen e1 then bishop b5 will capture it.I wish them both success and good health for the future.Im sure that when you would have played him without knowing it was him that u played way way better than u did now.They add such huge accent to the overall project.:)Also, excellent chess strategy.

If you click the eye icon underneath the board to the left there you can see the game from which the puzzle was taken."My name is Alexandr Hilario Takeda Sakai dos Santos Fier, but people call me Bob.4 year olds don't need to play chess.But I will never know.This videos should be much longer.You responded to one of my tweets and it was such a cool moment for me.

Thats a bit sad tho.I'd be bored and would have to walk away after the first 100 domino cuts.Pha bt sng sut thua hahahaha.On 2nd game i was wondering why short resign, its not even mate.Your girl has a pretty decent shitter on her.It'd be better qualitywise.It's either good for you or it's a very bad move.Shouldn't that be The Try Gays ?

A candle on its

A candle on its

Where are these online retailers you speak of that will ship you hardwoods?I expected more frame perfect bullshit then just a perfect human run.2:37 hu n tng ka.Pano nga pala sila nakasal eh magpinsan sila?Perhaps I’m overly critical?Love the name of the original 5!You are a genius.I like these videos!

Very educational.Na klar, man muss ja auch nicht mit Epoxidharz in einzelnen Schichten arbeiten xD.Beginner question: at 7:03, instead of Ne5, why not play Nxh4?Thank You for the videos!At the position where you surrendered, why not Rb5?Sana sa uulitin same character's ang gagaling nila tagos sa puso nkaka cry.Find out for sure what your spouse is up to with our Digital Investigation services.Anyone else guess that move instantly ?

It is still the description of a

It is still the description of a

How will we represent sqrt(-3).It was a fun game.Great to see some competition.The REGULAR FLU has killed over 10,000 people in the USA.Me: Opens world map.This Young Child or Should I Say This Little Man Is Very Very Super Intelligent!No matter how much you try to simplify it, the explanation is still not clear for me.5:15 what happen if queen takes e5.

Simeon Bell

9:29 typically a teacher sentence


What is the discrepancy you talk about in the Z-axis? I mean, why do we need to do this offset? Min 21:00 in the video. Thank you, I'll be waiting for a response, as I don't understand this part.

Luka Calov

He doesnt play for money he wins, he dont play for respect :)

Robert Pendzick

Instead of running the 2x6 the length of the table could you use shorter boards to start withand run them the width?(changing the framing underneath to reinforce the shorter segment)?


I dont think so people want to hear the bla bla


nice filming and editing!


Gold version was my favorite. So much nostalgia with those games. Love the work and effort you put into your videos.


Magnus doesn't want to be there lol. He is just too godly.


Morphy best ever.  Morphy became the best player in the world playing chess as a hobby. The only reason he toured the globe playing chess is because he couldn't practice law until he was 21. Let's send Kasparov to college and then law school and then play Morphy. Morphy would crush him. 

Susan Auger

WHO is as useless as the U.N.

Fasi Rashi

Evergreen Film songs super nalla clear


A beautiful mind of nakamuraMeanwhile...lose all his non-online chess games


13:28 "The Sack AS-6, is named after its disigner of a sack" ? in German: "Er wurde benannt nach dem Designer eines Sackes". ? o.0


And in this position Garry Kasparov resign the game. Sorry about that

Dimple Bendicion

Kawawa nmn